3 Ways To Get Your Mini To The Deni!

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A dental office is a scary place for most adults so persuading your child to go to the dentist is literally like pulling teeth. The child’s visit to the dentist is very important to keep the mouth healthy. Childhood regular dental check-ups create good oral hygiene habits that can reduce the cost of costly cavities or dental decay later. But, still many parents and children feel anxious or have fear of meeting the dentist. The child patient may be slightly nervous or seriously afraid, whatever may be the case, some strategies can be tried to make the dental visit a more positive experience. 

Here are a few ways to Get Your Mini to Deni! and have your child leaping into the dental chair. 

  • Get them in their early: The earlier a child visits the dentist, the better! It is important that the first visit starts at the age of 1 or when the child’s first tooth is visual. Right before the first appointment allow your child to role-play. The start of regular dental visits is an excellent approach that can make the child feel less anxious because he/she gets to see the dentist regularly at a young age. Moreover, it also allows the child to avoid the development of potentially serious dental concerns like cavities, thereby cutting the chances of having extensive (ouch!) dental procedures down the line. 
  • Give them a front-row seat: Allow your child to observe your next dental check-up. Seeing that you have your teeth examined and cleaned by a dentist will give your child comfort. At the visit, encourage them to ask the dentist questions so a positive relationship is built. When leaving make sure you grab a few stickers, toothbrushes, and floss from the front desk. Getting the child to visit their dentist’s office to get him/her acquainted with the dental treatment before the actual check-up can make the child less nervous.  
  • The Tooth Fairy, her story must be told: Kindly explain, teeth and their health are important; if your teeth are decayed the tooth fairy won’t pay. The tooth fairy knows which teeth have been seen by the dentist. Also make them learn, if they are not going to see the dentist regularly this may cause the ‘tooth fairy’ to skip over that tooth. 
  • Prefer to go to a pediatric dentist: The dental professionals at First Point Dental Clinic are experts and experienced in treating kids and adolescents can help manage the fearful young patients. Their offices may have a kid-friendly environment. Small things like having stuffed toys to play with or outfitting the child with sunglasses to avoid bright light entering their eyes during the oral examination can help calm the nerves. 

When 30 million American Adults are afraid of seeing the dentist, we really cannot be surprised that children are terrified. The tools, the noises, the smells, the dentist’s office sets off alarms to all of our senses. Parents keep up with your dental appointments; showing your child how brave you are, is the best way to calm their fears.