Our doctors are trained and certified in OrthoFX clear aligner therapy so that you can have the smile you desire! Why deal with the brackets and wires of traditional braces if you don’t have to?! With this aligner therapy, we place tooth-colored attachments onto strategic teeth that help hold invisible and clear aligners in place and sequentially move the teeth into a better, healthier position! The benefits not only include straighter teeth for a beautiful smile, but OrthoFX can often be used to balance out the forces of your bite to eliminate jaw pain from TMJ issues (clicking and popping of your jaw that often results in pain), and resolve headaches from an improper bite.

This service offers the latest and most advanced technology in clear aligner therapy that gets you the results you desire, while also reducing discomfort to ensure your treatment runs as smoothly as possible! In fact, OrthoFX is proven to be more comfortable than other major competitors on the market for this very reason. Each tray is worn for 1 week at a time and the quantity of trays will vary based upon case complexity. In addition to these great materials, we have custom treatment pricing that is catered to your individual needs. This means that your treatment cost is directly related to the complexity of your case to avoid overpaying for services you don’t need! As always, we have financing options available for you as well should you wish to use them. Schedule an appointment to see if you’re a candidate for OrthoFX aligner therapy today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Included in your treatment cost, there is 1 free removable retainer provided by OrthoFX. Their online service also makes it easy for you to order new retainers without the need to come see us at the dental office should you wish to do so. You can easily submit for annual, bi-annual, or quarterly replacement retainers to arrive directly at your door step! We also offer fixed retainers that are bonded inside the mouth, but these are determined on an individual basis and at an additional cost.

At the completion of each case, there may be irregular tooth wear that needs to be addressed in order to complete your new smile! This includes the removal the tooth-colored attachments, as well as any polishing, and contouring of your new smile to ensure everything looks nice and symmetrical! For tier 2 & 3 customers, we also include free teeth bleaching at this time!

We evaluate each patient on a case by case basis and offer 3 tiers of pricing based upon the complexity of their case and what they’re looking for. Our baseline price starts at $2,950 (Perfect for minor spacing/crowding issues) and includes a warranty of free refinements for up to a year after beginning treatment. Our varied pricing goes up from there with additional warranties and services such as free bleaching at the completion of treatment for tier 2 & 3 pricing. We also work with insurances whenever possible to help limit your out-of-pocket expenses!