Dental Hygiene Treatment In Chicago

Good dental hygiene is the oft-repeated word in the field of dentistry. It is the bedrock of great oral health while preventing the occurrence of any severe dental problems in the future. By following the right dental hygiene prescribed by a dentist near you, one can avoid teeth and gums from decay or infections. For more information, you can book a routine dental appointment at First Point Dental clinics in Westmont and Hoffman Estates locations. Our team of hygienists and dentists in Chicago will closely examine your mouth for any signs or symptoms of gum disease, cavities, infections, jawbone loss among many others. Upon the completion of the exam, we will develop a personalized hygiene plan to help you maintain your oral health.

Dental Hygiene Services at First Point Dental Clinics in Hoffman Estates and Westmont locations-

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is ever-present in many public water sources and many kinds of toothpaste are available in the market. Yet, we believe that one’s teeth could get further benefits from the intake of additional fluoride. This is why depending on one’s oral health, we will recommend a professional fluoride treatment. This will make protect your teeth stronger while giving added protection against decay.

Periodontal Treatments

This is recommended to individuals who are showing signs of gum or Periodontal disease. Signs of gum disease are red or swollen gums, excessive bleeding of the gums, and pockets between the teeth and gum. This procedure will restore the gum condition to better health.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

You can undertake specialized teeth cleaning every 6 months at our dental clinics. You can avoid serious oral health problems like enamel loss, gingivitis, or teeth decay by opting for professional teeth cleanings.

Tooth Decay Prevention

The oral exams performed regularly in sync with the home oral hygiene routine will stop the onset of cavities and tooth decay.

Benefits of Undergoing Routine Dental Hygiene Treatment in Illinois

Dental hygiene treatment includes professional teeth cleaning (i.e. scaling and polishing of teeth). It plays an important role in keeping the teeth free of dental plaque, making them look sparkling white, and giving a fresh breath. A visit to the dental hygienist in Chicago is beneficial as the patients can assess their gum health and prevent gum infection or periodontitis (gum disease), check for their current oral hygiene, get mouth hygiene guidance, remove their dental stains, and receive full ultrasonic teeth cleaning. Good oral health is a gateway to a healthy body.

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Does my Insurance Cover the Dental Hygiene Cost?

Dental hygiene services are covered by most insurance companies. If you still need clarifications, contact your insurance provider for details regarding dental coverage before booking an appointment here. You can call here at 888-736-6430

Benefits at First Point Dental

We offer Free dental Exams & X-rays for new patients apart from free cleanings for insured patients.