Preventive Care

Preventive Dental care includes oral healthcare exams, dental X-rays, cleanings, dental Hygiene treatments among others. Importantly, preventive dental care supports one’s dental hygiene routine in avoiding dental healthcare scares. In some individuals, dentists have stopped cavities despite them following a good oral healthcare routine. It just means that some people are more at risk of developing dental healthcare problems than others. Following proper brushing and flossing routine goes a long way in preventing dental healthcare problems in the majority of Americans.

Why opt for preventive care dental services?

Modern dentistry solves the root cause of oral health problems while preventive dentistry is dedicated to avoiding it. Here, we are more concerned with uplifting oral health so that no dental woes happen or it becomes severe. The importance of preventive dental care can be emphasized by the different problems it prevents or minimizing the concerns. Common issues are-

  • Tooth decay
  • Infection in gum or teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth enamel weakening or erosion

Dental Examination and Cleanings

ADA recommends two dental visits a year to avoid oral healthcare problems in the coming years. Not just check-ups, professional cleanings are also recommended to individuals with a history or risk of dental problems. Usually, the dentist will search for any signs of tooth decay or infection, or cavities. These symptoms are picked by the dentist in close observation-

  • Tooth enamel’s discoloration
  • Redness in the gum areas
  • Building up of plaque and tartar
  • Tenderness in the gums

Will the treatment be recommended?

First, the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth for any underlying concerns. Then, the dentist will recommend any procedure/treatment to strengthen the tooth to avoid any damage or breakage. In some cases, the dentist will recommend fillings or crowns if the tooth is cracked or weak. This is a lot better than waiting for the tooth to breaks completely. Based on the recommendations of the preventive dentist opinions, we will move ahead with any dental treatment. This will be done after due consultations with patients.

Does Dental Insurance cover Preventive care?

Dental insurance favors preventive dental care in coverage as it’s the most crucial component of oral health. That’s why preventive dental services are covered up to 100 percent with negligible deductibles or zero out-of-pocket expenses. In some cases, the preventive services are not adjusted against your annual dental coverage. Do, consult your insurance provider about the coverage for different dental services.

Do any steps or procedures the dentist and hygienists take to prevent dental healthcare problems?

Fluoride is a potent solution against teeth decay. Depending on the individual’s oral health, the dentist will recommend the right dosage of fluoride intake in your toothpaste. For the children. Fluoride varnishes would be sufficient.

Note: Children up to three years old should use a toothbrush with a fluoride level of a minimum of 1000ppm (parts per million).

3-year-old children to adults are recommended a toothpaste with fluoride strength of 1350ppm to 1500ppm of fluoride.