Dental Exam & Cleaning

It’s important to visit the dental clinic for a dental exam and cleaning as well. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), dental examination and cleaning must be done every 6 months. “The frequency of their regular dental visits should be tailored by their dentists to accommodate for their current oral health status and health history,”. This is not us saying but the ADA. In some cases, individuals would be advised to come for regular dental exams and cleanings.

The dental exam and cleaning are practicing the ancient adage “prevention is better than cure”. Regular oral exams are the first line of defense against dental problems like gum disease, tooth decay, loss of teeth, loss of jawbone. Also, one would save time and money on future dental procedures and surgeries by following the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines.

What does the Dental Exam assessment mean for individuals?

Every individual walking coming for the dental visit would be thoroughly examined by our dental specialist. We don’t limit our comprehensive examination to cavities but every aspect of oral healthcare.

A typical dental exam would involve

  • Evaluation of the gums and tissues
  • Looking for possible signs of gum disease (Periodontitis)
  • Identifying any loose teeth
  • Tongue check-up
  • To check if you have a correct bite
  • Checking for signs of tooth decay or broken teeth
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Inspecting any dental appliances

As outlined above, a dental exam is more than an examination of the cavities. A dentist near you would be more concerned with the overall oral health of one individuals as it is quite linked with overall body health. Apart from the above-mentioned points, our team of dentists will be keeping an eye for possible evidence of tooth grinding or examine lymph glands, neck, palate, or the soft tissues of your mouth. This is important to identify any signs or symptoms of oral cancer or even infection.

Oral cancer screenings are a part of each dental check-up at our clinics. This helps in diagnosing any lesions or early signs of cancer. According to CDC, oral cavity and pharynx cancers account for almost 3 percent of cancers diagnosed annually in the country. Individuals associated with tobacco use, heavy liquor consumption, or HPV are at higher risk of developing oral cancer. Essentially, a regular dental check-up is a bulwark against severe oral health problems.

Insurance Coverage:

Most insurance providers will cover up to two dental visits. If you are still doubtful, then contact your insurance provider.

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What to expect during Dental Cleaning:

A tooth cleaning procedure performed at our clinics by a dental hygienist or other dental professional will take about 30- to 60-minute. This is quite important to clean gums and teeth from food debris, any plaque or tartar buildup. Due to misconceptions and myths, people are afraid to book a slot for dental cleaning. In our consultations, we educated everyone about the importance of dental cleaning and its implications for good oral health.

Does Dental Insurance cover the Dental Cleaning cost?

Usually, a dental insurance plan covers up to 100 % of the costs of at least one dental cleaning per year. The allotted insurance plan should cover the whole cost of cleaning. So, consult your insurance provider about the dental cleaning coverage.

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