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A beautiful smile is contagious. It’s human nature to smile and it also offers several health benefits as it reduces blood pressure, boosts the immune system, reduces stress, and is also an important exercise for facial muscles.

However, if one is suffering from insecurities with their teeth, dental veneers procedure can help offer patients the teeth they always desired and with an improved smile, they can’t stop smiling each and every day. How long do veneer teeth last? This is probably the most commonly asked question that many patients ask the dentists while discussing dental veneers.

In this blog, a detailed explanation is given regarding the teeth veneers, if they are veneer teeth permanent solution for cosmetic dental concerns. If you are interested in opting for dental veneers, talk to a dentist at First Point Dental.

Read on the following blog to know are tooth veneers permanent in detail.

What are Dental Veneers?

Most people have aesthetic imperfections in their teeth which they wish to hide while they smile or talk. One of the possible ways to enhance the teeth’ appearance by making them look brighter and restoring the natural beauty to the smile is the use of veneers. 

Teeth veneers are custom-made thin shell coverings that are bonded directly to the front of the teeth to conceal minor flaws of the teeth. These include the gaps in the smiles, chipped or broken teeth, eroded teeth by decay or gum disease, stained or discolored teeth, and severely misaligned teeth. Its procedure is quite simple. It involves the taking of teeth impressions for designing the model of a patient’s teeth, fabrication of dental veneers whose color matches the natural adjacent teeth, and then cementing of the veneers on the teeth after removal of enamel. Teeth veneers help the patient achieve a sparkling, confident smile.

Are Dental Veneers a Permanent Fix to your Teeth?

The accommodation of teeth veneers in the mouth involves the removal of a small amount of tooth enamel. This means the procedure can’t be reversed as it would require restoring the enamel after veneer removal which is not possible. In other words, the patient may need to get them replaced with a new one, so it is essential to have veneers on the problematic teeth. 

How Long do Veneer Teeth Last?

Although everyone wants a quick and lifetime solution for teeth imperfections, dental veneers are not a permanent fix to dental issues, they do not have their lifespan. However, they can transform the smile and these natural-looking dental implants can give one a new smile for anywhere between seven and fifteen years. This is a significant length of time, and the person might be wondering why some dental veneers last for 7 years while others can still be resistant to breakage or discoloration for up to 15 years. Thus, after the dental veneers are placed by the dentist, their longevity solely depends upon the type of veneer (i.e. porcelain-based or composite-resin) and their maintenance.

How Can Dental Veneers Become a Long-lasting Solution?

A good and well-maintained regular dental hygiene and visit to the dentist can help the patient save their veneers from getting stained or broken. Also, people can get the answer of question i.e., are veneer teeth permanent or not. The dentist recommends some simple tips that can help make the veneers appear with the same brightness for long years to come. These are not like huge adjustments in the daily routine and their success rate and satisfaction depend upon how seriously the patients take up their responsibility of dental care. 

Following are some tips: 

  • Wear a mouth guard (oral protection) when exercising or playing contact sports to avoid any potential fall, chipping, cracking, or breaking of veneers.
  • Avoid using teeth to tear a package, loosen knots, or crack open walnuts as doing this could damage the veneers quickly.
  • For people suffering from teeth clenching or grinding, the dentist must know about it, so that the lovely veneers are not shattered while the person sleeps.
  • Schedule a regular dental check-up to spot if there is any dental problem and also go for professional teeth cleaning twice a year.
  • Never eat hard or sticky, chewy foods with veneers.

Learn Are Veneer Teeth Permanent Solution or not for Dental Concerns

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