Best Dental Whitening Treatment In Chicago, IL

Best Dental Whitening Treatment In Chicago

Discoloration or staining of a tooth or multiple teeth is a cosmetic dental concern caused due to different factors like excess intake of tooth-staining foods and beverages including coffee, tea, and wine; use of tobacco products, and age. For people who have dull or stained teeth, there are many teeth whitening methods available like teeth whitening trays, rinses, or toothpaste; over-the-counter whitening strips, and in-office laser whitening. People are often confused about which method of dental whitening treatment is best and what is the most effective way to whiten teeth. According to dental experts, professional teeth whitening offered at First Point Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Chicago is a safe, healthy, most effective, and best method to dramatically brighten the smile. But, why is it the popular approach? The answer to this can be given by learning the benefits of professional teeth whitening over other alternatives.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

  • Whitening of teeth is not a solution that fits everyone, there may be a possibility that some people have specific or preferable areas that need teeth whitening the most. Hence, professional teeth whitening can provide the patient with a personalised treatment plan.
  •  Generally, teeth bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide which can make the natural teeth brighter by anywhere from 5 to 7 shades but professional dental whitening teeth can go beyond i.e. 12 shades brighter.
  • It is the fastest alternative method to home treatments that need multiple sessions. Teeth whitening by the dentists at their office can provide whiter teeth in about an hour.
  •  It is a safe and more comfortable method as it does not cause sensitivity or harm the gum tissues which is possible by over-the-counter teeth whitening.
  •  It can remove tough stains and provide a stronger as well as more uniform brightening of the teeth.

How to Get Teeth Professionally Whitened?

The chairside bleaching process offered at First Point Dental Clinic involves the following steps:

  • Evaluation: The condition of natural teeth is assessed accurately using dental X-rays to make sure that the bleaching products are the best fit. If the patient possesses an existing dental bridge, filling, or crown then they need to be replaced with new ones in order to make it naturally blend with a new color of the bleached teeth.
  • Tooth Whitening Session: The dentist first applies a rubber shield or protective gel to protect all the soft tissues of the mouth. Next, a peroxide-based bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and a special light is used to improve the chemical action of the bleach. People who have minimal staining can achieve desired results in a single sitting whereas others may require more sessions. The number of sessions needed is determined by the dentist as per the patient’s requirements.
  • Result: The extent to which the teeth get whitened may vary from patient to patient. Generally, anyone who has got this treatment can see a noticeable difference! More visible brightness is usually seen in people who are a smoker or avid coffee drinkers and have had bleaching done.

How Long Does a Dental Whitening Last?

The in-office results of dental whitening treatment can last for up to a year before a maintenance session is needed. Desired results can stay for the long-term only when the patients maintain their dental hygiene by avoiding anything that can stain teeth and continuing regular dental cleanings. Once the initial professional teeth whitening is a success, the results can be maintained with regular touch-ups.

Want to achieve a brighter and healthy smile? Schedule an appointment at First Point Dental Clinic to avail the benefits of the best dental whitening treatment offered by the experienced and expert dentists in Chicago.