Does Dental Implants Hurt / Painful? Best Tips & Tricks

Does Dental Implants Hurt

Should you expect does dental implants hurt? Read on to find out if dental implants are going to be painful!

Losing adult teeth often result in jawbone deterioration, gums recession, weakening of nearby teeth, and even gaps in a smile which lowers the self-confidence of an individual. People can have missing teeth due to various reasons like cavities, gum disease, accidental trauma, or some medical condition.

Traditionally, when anyone found themselves dealing with missing teeth and wanted to get them fixed, dentures or bridges were mostly used. But now dental implants are considered as the gold standard, permanent solution for replacing missing teeth which have gained popularity among most edentulous patients. But, many people still are curious to know that – does dental implants hurt. One can read the following information to know more about this procedure. 

Tooth implants are titanium posts that provide support to the fake teeth by acting as their roots. They are the most stable prosthesis that can restore the patient’s ability to speak, chew, smile, and laugh. These implants feel, look, and function just like natural teeth and require the same level of care and maintenance. They offer several benefits like preventing additional loss of jawbone, restoring bite, keeping the adjacent teeth healthy, and giving the confident smile back.

For most candidates of tooth implant surgery, the question that often arises is whether or not the procedure is associated with a high level of discomfort or pain. Continue reading to learn more about the implant process and does it hurt to get tooth implants.

The Procedure of Installing Dental Implants

do getting dental implants hurt

Initially, the professionals in restorative dentistry and oral surgery at First Point Dental Clinic, design a customized treatment plan based on the selected implant option. Before the procedure, the patient is provided with local anesthesia to ensure there is no pain or anxiety throughout the process.

During implant surgery, the very first step is the making of an incision in the gum to have access to the jawbone. Following which a hole is drilled in the jawbone so that the tooth implant can get embedded into the bone socket of the missing tooth. Its healing may typically take 3-6 months and in that period, the jawbone grows around the implant to anchor it firmly inside. Next, the patient may return to the dental professional for placement of an abutment on top of an implant. After this also undergoing healing, the final step is the placement of a new dental crown, a bridge, or a denture (whatever may be the case).

Does it Painful to Get Tooth Implants?

As with any surgical procedure the patient can expect to experience some degree of discomfort, the mouth is very sensitive and can also get swelling or any other discomfort after the implants are placed. According to the review of most patients, does dental implants hurt after the procedure is over and the effect of anesthesia wears off. However, the pain or swelling can be managed by the patient by taking pain-relieving medications.

So, if one is thinking that does having dental implants hurt / painful, then the provided information has all the necessary information to make their doubts clear. It is also important that one must get treatment from experts to achieve safe and successful results.

Depending upon how many implants are being placed and the body’s response to them, the side effects of the dental implant surgery can last for 2-7days. The swelling and bruising can occur in the gums where implants are placed and some discomfort can also be felt in the chin, cheeks, and underneath the eyes which usually dissipates over time. There might also be minor bleeding. Not to worry, the dentist can help prepare the patient for all of this!

But if the discomfort post-surgery stays along for more than one week, it’s time to visit the prosthodontist for recovery. The concerned doctor can evaluate the reason behind the discomfort and ensure everything is healing. Furthermore, the dentist can also make sure that there is no infection or injury at the implant site and occurrence of nerve damage or sinus issues, all of which are known to cause prolonged discomfort.

Still, want to know more, does dental implants hurt? Schedule an appointment with the best tooth implant doctors at First Point Dental Clinic.