How Painful is Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery?

How Long Does the Pain Last After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The recovery timeline after wisdom tooth removal is a big concern for many people. One of the biggest factors that play an important role in recovery is swelling or inflammation. The surgery can cause inflammation in the target tissues immediately after the extraction, so one must take proper aftercare recommendations to minimize potential discomfort. Wisdom teeth recovery can be painful if one does not take proper care during the healing phase.

When Wisdom Teeth are Removed?

Wisdom teeth are the final (third) set of molars that come at a mature age and are located in the back of the mouth. Healthy wisdom teeth help individuals chew and grind food. There are instances when wisdom teeth can be a dental problem i.e. when they are not getting enough space to come at the surface or they are wrong positioned, thereby allowing growth of cavity-causing bacteria.

They can get impacted which means getting trapped under the gums or in the jaw that could lead to the formation of cysts on or near the impacted tooth and result in damage of tooth roots and supporting bone. In such cases, it’s common to remove wisdom teeth. Other pieces of evidence of changes in the mouth that is a sign for wisdom teeth extraction include toothache, infection, tumors, and gum disease.

Is Wisdom Teeth Recovery Painful?

It is important the patient must make themselves comfortable during the wisdom tooth extraction recovery period. As swelling and pain is the most common cause of the discomfort, one must follow all the steps to take the inflammation down. Following the guidelines recommended by the oral surgeon, can lessen the severity of swelling following the wisdom tooth removal.

Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Hurt?

This is the most commonly asked question by many people. If anyone is planning to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction, then they need to follow the pre and post-surgical diet recommended and proper care recommended by the dentist for a quick, painless, and seamless recovery. 

  • Many dental surgeons apply strong numbing medications at the surgical site that lasts up to a few days after the wisdom tooth removal. By that time, the major amount of swelling, pain, and tenderness around the treated site will also subside. The end result offers a more comfortable experience.
  • Medications are also prescribed to manage pain and to keep swelling down.
  • Cold compress is also helpful to keep swelling at bay. The cooler temperature will help reduce the inflammation extent after surgery and help ease the discomfort.

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What to Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Extraction to Achieve Pain Free Recovery?

It is important to be mindful of food and drinks that can be consumed while having a rest at home to prevent any pain sensation or damage when the feeling in the mouth is regained. The dentist recommends the patient steer clear of:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Grains and seeds
  • Hot and spicy or acidic foods and beverages
  • Chewy foods and hard or crunchy foods like hard pretzels, nuts, or chips

All these foods and drinks must be avoided for at least a week until the extraction site has completely healed. Moreover, the patient is asked to avoid smoking cigarettes for a minimum of 72 hours or chewing tobacco for at least a week after the surgery as these can severely increase the chances of complications that affect healing. One must make a note that it is important to follow the proper diet recommendations to make wisdom teeth removal recovery easy, so the healing gums must not hurt or cause trouble to the patient.

Recovery Timeline:

  • Liquid and soft foods are advised at least for the first 24 to 48 hours
  • Cool foods can be included if there is some discomfort felt
  • Try semi-soft foods like oatmeal, scrambled eggs, or toast only when there is a better feeling. If there is no pain felt while chewing, the person can gradually switch to solid foods.
  • Most people resume their normal eating within one week.

The swelling can last for a few days or weeks and in most cases, it improves after a few days. With the right medication and self-care, one can actively reduce swelling and ease recovery. 

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