Where Can I Find an Endodontist Specialist in Chicago?

Endodontist Specialist in Chicago

When seeking for a endodontist treatment, it is important to look for an endodontist specialist in chicago near your location because of its convenience. If in any case, you have a dental emergency that requires the expertise of an endodontist specialist, you can easily and quickly visit their facilities and have your dental concerns handled, especially if you are experiencing excruciating pain.

Looking for an in-network dentist who specializes in root canal treatment in Chicago? Then choose the best endodontists near me in Chicago at First Point Dental! There are many endodontist specialists in Chicago, however, at First Point Dental, we offer endodontic services at four convenient locations like Homewood, Hyde Park, Hoffman Estates and, Westmont, and you can schedule an appointment with the best endodontist near me at flexible timings and receive root canal surgery at affordable rates.

Our endodontists have undergone the right training and education and have the necessary licenses and certifications to serve you with the best possible professional services. We also have well-equipped facilities with state-of-the-art dental technologies to provide efficient, highly-effective, and suitable diagnoses of your dental problem and accordingly give the most appropriate treatment. Not only adults but also youngsters facing an endodontic problem are welcomed on our premises.      

Who is an Endodontist?

A general dentist cannot handle some dental concerns and may refer their patients to some specialist. An endodontist is a dental professional who holds knowledge and expertise in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of issues affecting the tooth’s interior, pulp, and tissues around the roots of each tooth. They have received an advanced education i.e. extra 2-3 years of study of endodontics after completion of their basic dental schooling.

When Should I go to an Endodontist?

If you are having persistent agonizing tooth pain, have injured your tooth, have swollen gums, have tooth discoloration, or your tooth shows sensitivity to hot or cold, you can book an appointment with the best and affordable endodontist near me at First Point Dental.

An endodontist mainly performs root canal surgery to save your naturally seriously infected/decayed tooth. However, in addition to root canal treatments, an endodontist can also help you by performing procedures like:

  • Endodontic Retreatment- When a previous root canal process has failed, you are likely to have an infection or inflammation post-treatment. Thus, endodontists would be employed for re-treatment. They would recommend surgeries in case of hidden root canals or small fractures.
  • Apicoectomy (or Root-End Resection)- It is a surgery performed to treat infection of the root canal at the end of the tooth’s root. The procedure involves making a gum incision to expose the jawbone, creating a small opening in the bone at the root tip. Once the infection is removed, a filling is added to seal the root canal and sutured.   
  • Traumatic Dental Injuries Treatment- When traumatic injuries damage the tooth pulp, endodontists can help treat it. They can even handle cases wherein there are untreated calcified canals or root canal infections.
  • Dislodged Tooth Treatment- An endodontist specialist can help reattach the tooth to its socket if it gets dislodged or becomes loose.     

How to Find the Best Endodontist Specialist in Chicago?

Usually, you would be referred to a qualified endodontist by your general dentist. But, if you choose to look for your own, you need to consider certain things:

  • Conduct research online to check for the qualifications of an endodontist. Discover how long he/she has been practicing and how many years of experience he/she holds in performing root canals or any other endodontic surgical procedure.
  • Ensure that the endodontist is up-to-date with the most clinically sound and safest dental technology/equipment used for diagnosis and treatments.
  • Check out what medications or pain-relief options you are offered.
  • Find out which professional dental societies the endodontist belongs to.
  • Ask for the payment plans, dental insurance coverage, third-party financing options, and the cost of the dental treatments which is available with the endodontist.
  • Ensure that the endodontist has a friendly, professional, and helpful office staff and a pleasing chairside manner.
  • Check if the endodontist provides emergency services and what are the official policies and procedures in emergencies.
  • Confirm the endodontist whose office hours and location is convenient for you.  

What Can I Expect from an Endodontist Specialist Near Me?

When you visit the best endodontists near me in Chicago at First Point Dental, we assure you that we follow systematic procedures to help you get normal all at once. As all dental concerns are different in their own aspects, when it comes to endodontic services, we perform customized treatments to assure you of the utmost effectiveness and efficiency.

Our very first step is always to evaluate your dental problem and thoroughly assess your current oral health condition which involves taking dental X-rays. After the exact issue has been identified, our endodontists will provide the most suitable treatment to eliminate the problem permanently. Then, we proceed with our treatment involving first numbing of the treatment site so that you do not feel pain or any discomfort throughout the treatment. During root canal surgery, our endodontist eliminates the infected/damaged tooth’s pulp, cleans and shapes the root canal using dental files, and fills it using a special dental substance. Lastly, the endodontist specialist covers the treated tooth with a dental crown for added protection to prevent reinfection and also get support.

To get the benefits of best root canal surgery, consult now with the best endodontist specialist in Chicago at First Point Dental.