How Long Does it Take to Remove a Dental Bridge?

how long it take to remove a dental bridge

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A dental bridge procedure is a restorative dental prosthesis that fills the space created between two teeth caused by missing one or several teeth in series. It helps restore the complete beautiful smile of an individual who lost a tooth or teeth due to dental decay or accidental trauma. However, most people having bridges designed to be fixed permanently in their mouth need to go for their replacement after a decade or so because of the gradual deterioration of the materials of which they are composed. Read the following information to know more about how much does it cost to remove a dental bridge and is it hard to remove a dental bridge.

Repairing or replacing the dental bridge is a necessary dental practice to maintain oral hygiene. If they are not replaced well in time, this would pose a great risk of decaying of the supporting (abutment) teeth. Dental professionals must be consulted for regular checks of the dental bridges to let the patients know about the right time of their replacement. Usually, if the patient starts facing any pain or discomfort caused due to decay under the bridge or damage to the adjacent teeth, unusual movement or changes in teeth alignment, or looseness of the bridge which further cause bite issues and tooth sensitivity, then it’s the time to visit a dentist for its removal. Depending upon the reason behind the bridge failure, the integrity of the supporting teeth, the strength of the existing bridge bond, and the desired result, the dentist decides upon his/her actions. Patients may need at least two dental visits to get a dental bridge after its removal and the new bridge usually gets fabricated in 10-15 working days. 

Is it Hard to Remove a Dental Bridge?

In some cases, like when the bridges become loose, the dentists can remove the bridge and re-cement it if it has a proper fit. This is not an easy task as the cement which is used to bond the dental bridges in place is made to last for several years and the removal of the bridge would definitely require causing damage to the support of the neighboring teeth. Even if the dentist tries to tap off the bridge, there will be some injury or even fracture of the abutment teeth. In such a case, the bridge must be drilled off and a new one must be created for the replacement. However, if the dental bridge is intended to be temporary, it is fixed inside the mouth with an adhesive glue which only helps in creating a stable bond with the abutment teeth, hence its removal is much easier.  

Moreover, if the problem has occurred in the bridge itself i.e. in one of the false teeth, the dentist may repair the fracture or coating of the tooth while the existing bridge remains in its place, thereby avoiding its removal. The removal would be necessary if there is an issue underlying the abutment teeth or there is damage to the false teeth.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Dental Bridge?

The bridges can last 10 -15 years or more and need to be replaced and the total cost of dental bridge replacement can become a huge amount in the long run. This is because of adding up of expenditure on every bridge replacement over the years. Depending upon how much of the bridge is involved, the cost of removing it can range from patient to patient based on an individual requirement. One can also invest in dental implants instead as they last much longer and even for a lifetime and is the best cost-effective treatment in the long run.

Are you looking for a natural-looking, permanent way to fill a gap between teeth, a bridge may be the best option. 

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