How Much Do Dentures Cost in Chicago, Illinois?

How Much Do Dentures Cost

Dentures are custom-designed, popular, effective prosthetic devices for the replacement of some or all of your teeth. They are a stable and more reliable solution that can last for a long time with minimal repairs needed in between. Common types of dentures include complete dentures, removable/fixed partial dentures, snap-in/implant-retained dentures, and immediate dentures.

While deciding on the best dental restoration option and considering dentures, one of the most important questions that strike people’s minds is how much do dentures cost and the expenses needed to repair/maintain them. At First Point Dental, we offer dentures at variable costs that fit all your budget requirements. At affordable prices, we ensure that high-quality dentures restore your natural smile and dramatically enhance your life quality by making speaking and eating much easier and more comfortable.  

Read the following piece of information to learn more about the real cost of dentures, the factors affecting their cost, and the ways to get decent discounted dentures or reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Dentures?

Dentures are simply an important one-time investment for patients who require smile restoration and must not be overlooked. Their lifetime cost may translate to thousands of dollars. 

Factors Affecting the Total Cost of Dentures:

  • The Number of Missing Teeth to be Replaced– Complete dentures, which replace the entire upper or lower teeth arch or full teeth set, are more costly than partial dentures.
  • The Location of the Dental Office Offering Dentures– Dentists who are located in busy or populated cities typically ask more for dentures than those in suburban areas.
  • Type of Denture– Regular dentures that are either attached to the nearby teeth or held in place using suction and dental adhesive are less expensive than implant-supported dentures which involve surgery. Moreover, the immediate dentures which are worn until the permanent dentures are ready, dentures that involve tooth extraction as well as denture installation all done on the same day, both add to the total cost of the dentures. Although these transitional dentures have identical cosmetic quality as that of normal dentures, their cost is generally a little higher..  
  • The Material Used to Make Dentures– The framework of dentures may be composed of composite resin, acrylic, or resin with metallic attachments. Composite dentures resist breakage and bacteria. False teeth are usually made of ceramic (glass-like) or porcelain to give a natural look. The dentures’ prices vary based on the quality of materials used. For full dentures, there are basic rated dentures, mid-range, and premium dentures available. Porcelain-based dentures are costly because they resemble natural teeth,have more durability, and are of higher quality. Furthermore, chrome-plated dentures are priced higher than acrylic dentures.
  • Denture design– The design and fabrication of the replacement teeth affects the overall cost of the denture treatment.
  • Associated denture costs- This depends upon what’s going on inside the mouth and how much dental work or preparation is required for getting a new set of dentures. Dentists may include the cost of tooth extraction if required before dentures are placed. There is also more cost in the follow-up dental visits for realigning/adjusting and maintenance of the dentures.

How Much Do Dentures Cost and How to Pay for Dentures?

The dental experts at First Point Dental can answer all your insurance-related questions and provide you with a simplified payment process. The price of dentures at First Point Dental starts at around $600 and the average cost of a full set of dentures can range between $2,300 – $6,500. We also work with several in-network and out-of-network insurance companies that may help save you money. Our different payment options include:

  • Payment after insurance coverage
  • Flexible payment choices – We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Checks with a valid ID
  • Payment through state-administered Medicaid or Medicare programs
  • First Point Dental is a preferred provider enrolled with insurance companies such as Delta Dental, BCBS, Metlife, Cigna, Principal, Aetna PPO, and DMO. If your insurance is not listed, please give us a call.

Thinking about how much dentures cost or dentures for yourself or your loved ones? Call us at 888-736-6430 now to book a free denture consultation!

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