How Much Does Endodontic Treatment Cost?

How Much Does Endodontic Treatment Cost

Tooth decay and cavities are very common problems nowadays and if neglected they can lead to complications like a root canal infection. The only solution to such an infection is going for a root canal treatment. It is a belief that root canal treatment is excruciating, but in fact, it is a pain-relieving medical procedure. So, what does the RCT endodontic treatment surgery cost?

The price of endodontic treatment varies based on the type of RCT performed (posterior, anterior, single sitting, or re-RCT), and various other factors.

Read on to know more about how much does endodontic treatment cost and the factors based on the price of treatment.

Endodontic or root canal treatment is a dental procedure designed to repair and save the tooth that has sustained inflammation, damage, or infection in pulp tissues lying deep inside the tooth. It involves the removal of the damaged internal sections of the tooth and its replacement with filling materials to seal the tooth. In most cases, a tooth cap (dental crown) is placed at the end of the root canal procedure in order to protect the treated tooth from getting decayed or damaged in the future.

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The Average Cost of Endodontic Treatment

The endodontic treatment price may vary among patients as it depends on multiple factors such as:

  • The extent of the damage caused to the affected tooth- If the tooth pulp is severely decayed or infected, its removal, filling, and sealing of the tooth would cost higher than a mild to the moderately damaged tooth.
  • Specific tooth in need of root canal treatment– A front tooth is single canaled whereas a rear molar tooth has more root canals (typically 2-3), hence the endodontic treatment surgery cost would be more with an increased number of root canals. Moreover, the location of the tooth determines the ease of accessing the tooth roots for root canal surgery, thus affecting the cost of the procedure. This means tooth needing root canal treatment at the back of the mouth would be priced high as compared to the front tooth. The root canal of bicuspids (mid-mouth teeth) would cost somewhere in between.
  • Location of the dental clinic- The average cost of the endodontic treatment varies by the locality and the individual dental offices.
  • The expertise of the dentist- While calculating the how much cost endodontic treatment, the training, and experience of the dental professional also play a role. If root canals are done by general dentists, the cost of the treatment would be less as compared to the charges quoted by root canal specialists/endodontists who typically work on hard-to-treat cases.
  • Insurance coverage: Different insurance companies offer their prices that they would cover for root canal treatment, so the exact cost can be determined after learning what price the insurance providers give. Dental insurance might claim 10-60% of the total costs of root canal therapy depending upon the terms of the policy of the purchased plan.
  • Additional costs: If the root canal is required to be done as an emergency service, or as a same day and weekend procedure, the fee of the dentist would be more. Furthermore, before or after the root canal is performed, typically there is a need for a dental X-ray and topping of the tooth with a dental crown or filling. These additional services are separately charged and summed up with the base cost of the endodontic treatment.
  • Technologies in RCT- For root canal treatment, the cost would be higher if the dental office is equipped with advanced digital endoscopes and surgical microscopes, a 3-D Cone Beam Computerised Tomography, and modern digital x-ray equipment.

The average cost of endodontic treatment can be $1,020 but it does vary from clinic to clinic. However, in general, the price of endodontic treatment is much less than tooth extraction or a dental restoration procedure with a fake tooth.

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