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how old is too old for dental implants

When you attain a certain age and wish to receive a permanent replacement of your missing tooth or teeth, it’s normal for you to question the dentists about whether the teeth implants are right based on your age. Am I too old for dental implant procedure and how old is too old for dental implants? This question pop-ups into the mind of many people and many people may be thinking about the success rates of dental implants in relation to the age factor. It might even become a dilemma for you while choosing restorative dental options if you are not sure that the effectiveness of the teeth implants will be the same for older patients as that of the younger ones.  

What Age is Too Old for Teeth Implants? 

Well, there is no such age limit for getting teeth implants. It’s a myth that dental implants cannot be effective for elderly patients in need of full dental restoration. The reality is that be it you’re aged 18 or above 65 (including those who are in the 80s or 90s), you can get successful dental implant surgery if you are reasonably healthy enough.  Certain other factors can influence the treatment with age but that is not the criteria while looking for eligibility of the patients for dental implant surgery. The planning of tooth implants placement is mainly dependent upon the patient’s overall health. If the patients are diabetic, smokers, or have a record of iv bisphosphonates, then they can have an impaired healing process and the success of the dental implant integration with the jawbone can get reduced. This concludes that simply being a senior citizen who lost teeth because of decay or disease cannot exclude a person from getting dental implants.

How Old is Too OLD for Dental Implants? 

The answer to this is no age is too old for dental implants. Older patients who have a life expectancy of a few years can even get teeth implants safely done to dramatically improve the quality of their remaining life. For them, the implants could help enhance their well-being (better physical and mental health) and boost their confidence. Well, there is no such reason to let any patient suffer in the last years of their lives because of loose or failing dentures, inability to speak and eat well, and holding them back from vital and social lifestyle.

Dental implants are the standard dental care procedure to replace the missing tooth roots as well as the tooth itself (i.e. complete tooth structure). The artificial tooth roots made of titanium when inserted into the jawbone can help secure the replacement teeth (i.e. dental crown, bridge, or dentures) much better than partial or full removable dentures. It can help preserve the health of the surrounding natural teeth and prevent their shifting out from their position. Some other benefits offered by dental implants that dentists can contribute to even the older patients include:

  • Prevention of jawbone deterioration that leads to facial sagging.
  • A fixed replacement that can be taken care of and maintained as that of real teeth. This means there will be no need of removing the replacement teeth to get them brushed or flossed.
  • A natural complete smile to the individual
  • Restored ability to eat better and get well-nourished because of improved chewing and biting function, hence making patients lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Improved speech and an aesthetic smile that allows patients to be socially active.
  • No worries or fear of experiencing an embarrassing mishap such as falling of the replacement teeth out of the mouth while laughing, eating, speaking, coughing, or sneezing. 

Hence, regardless of the reason behind the loss of teeth, it is always better to schedule a consultation and an initial exam with the dentist at your earliest convenience to learn more about teeth implants and your candidacy.  

If you have any doubts and want to know how old is too old for dental implants or are an ideal candidate for this procedure, one can consult the best dental implant surgeon at First Point Dental Clinic. The clinic specializes in dental implants for patients of all ages. What are you waiting for? Whatever is your age, get a dental implant treatment at First Point Dental Clinic.

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