How to Speed up Orthodontic Treatment?

How to Speed up Orthodontic Treatment

Are you searching about how to speed up orthodontic treatment? Then you are on the correct post. Stop finding more and read this write-up properly.

If you are having braces fitted inside your mouth, there is always a possibility of such a question coming to your mind that How to I speed up my braces treatment?’. In today’s busy society, most people hesitate to correct their dental issues. Thankfully, with technological advancements in orthodontic dentistry, your treatment can get completed more quickly than before.

How to Speed up Braces Treatment?

If you are seeking the fastest way to straighten teeth and want to know how to speed up my braces treatment, you can choose to accelerate your orthodontic treatment by the following ways:

1. Propel mouthpiece (AcceleDent and VPro5)– It is a special device that can be fitted over the existing braces to provide a gentle micro-pulsation to promote cellular activity (i.e. increase bone remodeling activity) that can help adjust the teeth at a 50% faster speed. It can help reduce the mouth soreness associated with the shifting of teeth and achieve a perfect smile easily. This is a comfortable, lightweight dental tool i.e. just to be worn 5 minutes every day paired with traditional braces or Invisalign.

After each use of this device, the mouth must be rinsed properly, occasionally with a mild toothpaste or soap and wiped to clean it properly when necessary.

2. Low Intensity Medical Laser- This method is used to recruit cells that are responsible for moving teeth resulting in an increase in the turnover rate of the jawbone, thereby causing healthy acceleration of the alignment of teeth. It also helps in reducing the pain. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is done in the dental office at regular dental appointments.

3. High Frequency Vibration- It works same as the low-level laser device. In this method a device delivering high-frequency vibrations is used by the patients at home for 5 minutes each day.  This is a handy treatment often preferred by busy people wanting at-home solution. It’s added benefit is that it can help control pain or reduce discomfort felt by patients after new adjustment.

4. Micro Trauma- It is the best way to speed up the straightening of stubborn teeth and bets choice for people looking for the measure/treatment for how to speed up orthodontic treatment / braces. In this method, tiny holes are made into the gums to create cells required for moving teeth. This approach requires numbing of gums with anaesthesia done in a special appointment taking about 20 minutes.

  • Having dietary restrictions i.e. refrain from food and beverages that are sticky or hard.
  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene with braces.
  • Not missing follow-up appointments and staying on schedule with dental appliances such as rubber bands and headgear.
  • Following the instructions provided by the orthodontist.

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