Know the Importance Of Regular Dental Checkups in 2023

Importance Of Regular Dental Examinations

Importance of Regular Dental Examinations : Everyone is aware of the fact that regular dental examinations are highly recommended by every dentist normally twice a year to maintain the health of the gums and teeth. They are performed in order to spot potential dental concerns and prevent any oral health issues for a lifetime.

Many people fear going to a dentist and end up ignoring regular dental visits. Only a few people understand the importance of routine dental check-ups and how they save time, and money, and change the whole trajectory of their dental future.

If you have ever wondered what happens during regular dental examinations and the importance of regular dental visits or the benefits of undergoing periodic dental examinations, this blog is just for you.     

What to Expect at a Regular Dental Visit?

A regular dental appointment begins with a thorough oral examination by a dental hygienist. The hygienist reviews any incomplete dental work and based on the patient’s history or their visual findings, he/she poses some questions to the patients about their previous dental records and their current oral health status. During the check-up appointment, it is likely that the dental hygienist will evaluate the health of the gums, do a head or neck examination for spotting any abnormalities, and examine the inside of the mouth for any indications of vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, or oral cancer.

Next, the dental hygienist carries out professional teeth cleaning or scaling to get rid of dental plaque or tartar/calculus build-up. Fluoride treatments may also be provided during the visit and if required dental X-rays may also be taken to note any left-out or hidden oral health issues and subsequently provide appropriate quick treatment.

Once oral examination and cleaning are over, the dentist discusses any issues or discoveries with the patients, and based on the current health of their gums and teeth, he/she gives his/her recommendations. If there is any serious issue, the dentist refers the patient to a specialist for further treatment or educates the patient and guides them on how to care for their teeth. 

Importance of Regular Dental Examinations

A regularly scheduled dental appointment is vital for both oral and general health. It is not at all a good idea to forego routine dental check-ups and cleaning as it offers the following benefits:

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Dental Issues

By simply viewing the smile of the patient, only surface problems of the teeth can be identified. The issues beneath the gums cannot be spotted and would linger on until it becomes too late to rectify them. However, by visiting your dentist regularly, regular dental examinations, dentists can early identify and treat the dental issue before it becomes serious.

Customized Advice Based On the Dental Situation of the Patient

Most people rely on the internet to get home remedies or cures for common oral issues. But if the information given over the internet is followed there are chances that the patient can get in more trouble than before. On the other hand, a dental professional is a licensed expert who has training and experience of many years in the dental field. Thus, he/she is the best person to guide or give advice on matters regarding oral care and hygiene. He/she must also be preferred to receive dental services or treatments that are tailor-made to suit the situation and body constraints of the patient.

Good Riddance of Dental Plaque, Calculus/Tartar, Tooth Cavities, and Periodontal Disease

Despite following a dental care regimen which includes brushing and flossing, the mouth can still be left unclean. Food debris can get stuck between the gums and teeth and welcome bacteria that over time builds up and is called dental plaque. When the plaque accumulates further, it gets hardened to form tartar or dental calculus. Furthermore, these accumulations can result in bad breath, teeth discolorations, enamel erosions, and oral infections. However, in routine dental examinations, the professionals can inspect such issues and thoroughly clean the gums and teeth i.e. remove the plaque, tartar, or cavities before they bother more.

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Only dentists are trained to recognize the early signs of oral cancer like white or red patches inside the mouth or lumps in the head and neck. Upon its identification, they can quickly prescribe a series of treatments to potentially save the patient’s life by eradicating cancer in its early stage.

Detection of Underlying Issues That Can’t Be Seen Otherwise

In a regular dental check-up, the dentist can identify potential health issues beneath the mouth surface that are not visible to the naked eye. These problems could be an impacted tooth, cysts, bone decay, tumors, inflammation, and damage to the jawbone. A dental X-ray can help detect destructive dental issues.

A Check for Bad Oral Habits

During a periodic dental check-up, the dentist can highlight bad oral habits and subsequently recommend the patient to avoid those habits that unknowingly damage the teeth and gums. Some habits include teeth grinding, chewing ice, jaw clenching, brushing teeth too hard, frequent biting of nails, and eating sticky or hard foods.

Proper Professional Guidance for Corrective Dental Procedures

The teeth’ enamel can wear over time and allow them to get stained easily. A dentist will be the first choice to get guidance regarding teeth whitening procedures. He/she may be qualified to perform the procedure by himself/herself or may refer the patient to a skilled and certified cosmetic dentist.

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