Is it Possible to Have a Root Canal Done in One Visit?

Root Canal Done in One Visit

A root canal is a term referring to the hollow portion of the tooth wherein the tooth pulp exists (the nerves and living tissues of the tooth are present). When a person suffers from serious tooth decay, the bacterial infection may spread to the innermost part of the tooth (i.e. the tooth pulp). The only option to save the tooth is root canal treatment in which the infected or damaged tooth pulp is entirely removed and the tooth is filled and sealed otherwise the patient may end up losing that tooth. Does a root canal take more than one visit? or Is the treatment painful? Most patients try to avoid root canal therapy because they think it is painful. But the good news is it is safe and painless. Endodontists specialists at First Point Dental make use of innovative machinery and instruments to ensure the treatment is quick, effective, and pain-free. Read the following information shared by the dental experts to know more about endodontists treatment.

How Many Visits are Needed for Endodontist Procedure?

A question that may come to the mind of most patients is how many visits needed for endodontist treatment. Well, standard root canal surgery require two appointments, one for carrying out the actual procedure and another to do necessary tooth restoration by placing a dental crown, dental inlays, or dental outlays over the treated tooth. In between the two dental visits, the dental professional applies a calcium hydroxide paste (a medication) on the treated tooth to enhance the disinfection process until the second visit takes place (i.e. usually scheduled between 1-3 weeks). This makes the multi-visit approach of the dentists a great choice. Dentists may even opt for multi-visit if they wish to monitor the healing process before the completion of the treatment and if any endodontic flare-ups are occurring which may indicate delaying of the sealing of the tooth.

Can a Root Canal Treatment be Completed in Just One Dental Visit?

Another popular question among patients is – can a root canal be completed in one visit? A root canal can be possible even in a single dental visit because of the improved technology and modern tools in the dentistry field. A single dental visit approach for getting endodontist treatment is a choice for most patients who pursue efficiency and convenience and most importantly want to save their precious time as they cannot take multiple breaks from their everyday life to deal with the issue. It is even beneficial because it is cheaper as compared to the treatment course completed in multiple dental visits.

It has been seen that the rate of an endodontic flare-up can be reduced as sealing the endodontist procedure on the same day of it being cleaned can be an effective way to keep out any further infections. If the dentist waits for the endodontists to be sealed, there is always a chance of the bacteria to grow back inside and re-infect the inside of the tooth. The advantage of a endodontists treatment in one sitting is also for the dentists as they find it much easier to work through the entire treatment because of the maintenance of their familiarity with the tooth and the root canal system.  

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Endodontist Treatment?

Although endodontists treatment can be done in one visit every patient may not qualify for the same. The factors that determine the eligibility of the patient for a single visit approach include:

  • Whether the infection is on a multi-rooted tooth such as molar.
  • If an emergency dental care is required to ease the pain or discomfort initially prior to coming with a suitable treatment plan.
  • If the tooth is being re-treated or not.
  • If the tooth is severely infected and would need extensive cleaning and disinfection.

If you wish to save your tooth and restore a healthy smile, go for a personalized consultation with the dentists at First Point Dental before concluding with the right approach of treatment and to know can a root canal can be completed in one visit and if they are a candidate for the same.