Bad Habits that Put Oral Health at Risk – Know How!

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Toothbrush Abrasion

Brushing regularly is considered vital for the health of teeth and gums. Over-brushing, using a hard-bristled toothbrush, or brushing too aggressively by pressing too hard on the teeth can cause more harm than good.

Concern: Over brushing and vigorous brushing can wear down the enamel in the teeth. It can also push back the gums, exposing sensitive roots. Receding gums and worn-down enamel can cause other dental problems such as periodontal disease and cavities.

Solution: It is important to practice proper brushing techniques. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth two to three times per day for two to three minutes to get a thorough cleaning. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush can prevent gum damage.

Sugar Consumption

Sugar has a direct connection to tooth decay. Sugar causes plaque on teeth which leads to dissolving enamel and cavities.

Concern: Snacking on too many sugary snacks or consuming too many sugary drinks (like carbonated soft drinks) can have an effect on your oral health as well as your physical well-being. Soft drinks can lead to eroded tooth enamel. The sugar mixes with the saliva and bacteria in your mouth to cause tooth decay.

Solution: Switching to plain water or other drinks that do not contain high amounts of sugar can help strengthen enamel and protect against bacteria. Eating a balanced meal low in sugars can greatly benefit oral health. It is important to brush your teeth after consuming sugary products.

Tobacco Use

Whether it’s smoking cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco, all tobacco products have been reported to cause harm to the gums and teeth.

Concern: With tobacco use, the teeth get discolored or yellow. It can lead to more risk of having gum disease, dry mouth, bad breath, oral cancer, and tooth decay.

Solution: Quitting tobacco is the only way out to avoid serious oral health issues. Talk to your physician to know about any programs that can help you cease tobacco consumption or smoking.

Misuse of teeth

Concern: When a person tries to hold anything hard or heavy object in between the teeth or bite open a package or a bottle capped with metals, there is more risk of injuring the jaw or cracking/fracturing of the teeth.

Some people try to use their teeth as if they are their third hand or a pair of scissors.

Solution: Do not hurry while performing a task that can be done with your hands or any other tool.

Biting of nails

Many individuals have a bad habit of biting their nails when they are stressed, nervous, or overthinking but this can be risky for the teeth and jaw.

Concern: Nail biting can lead to jaw dysfunction as it causes the jaw to remain in protruded position for a long duration. It can also cause chipping of the teeth.

Solution: To curb the habit of nail-biting, nails can be painted with nail polish so that people think before putting their nails inside their mouth.

Chewing of ice

To get relief in hot summers, most people have a cool, refreshing drink filled with ice cubes but absentmindedly may end up chomping the remaining ice cubes, which can cause injury or damage to the teeth.

Concern: Chewing of hard ice can result in a high risk of having a broken dental filling or tooth.

Solution: To help avoid this habit, it is best to use a straw or have a drink without ice.