Why Choose First Point Dental Clinic For Oral Surgeries?

Oral Surgery in Chicago

There are many dental concerns out there that start at a minor stage and become severe over time due to neglect of the patient and no timely treatment. When dental issues become serious enough, oral surgeries are usually recommended as a last resort. Some of the dental problems for which oral surgeries are needed include badly broken teeth, extensive tooth decay, missing teeth, impacted teeth, severe periodontitis (gum disease), sleep apnea, oral cancer, jawbone loss, temporomandibular joint disorders, and non-cancerous bumps or lumps inside the mouth (benign oral pathology). At First Point Dental Clinic, our oral surgeon in Chicago is an expert in addressing serious or complicated dental needs of patients like those mentioned above via surgeries. 

First Point Dental Clinic is a highly recognized dental clinic in Chicago. It is most patients’ choice because of an experienced, family-friendly, and caring team of dentists who ensure patients’ comfort and high safety standards during their dental practice. Its mission is to improve the oral health and smile of all patients through the utmost quality of dental care. As oral surgeries are often dental emergencies, oral surgeons at First Point Dental Clinic provide comprehensive emergency dental services. 

Our Expertise

Some of the types of oral surgeries performed at First Point Dental Clinic include:

  • Tooth Extraction: It might be recommended for severe tooth decay that can’t be saved by a root canal, dental trauma, severe periodontitis, and wisdom tooth complications. Sometimes, the patient might get it done as preparation for the placement of dental prosthetic devices. 
  • Dental Implant Surgery- Dental implants are the gold-standard, missing tooth or teeth replacement solution. These are surgically placed in the gaps of the smile as artificial tooth roots, embedded into the jawbone to fuse with it, and once healed they are restored completely by dental bridgework, dentures, or crown. 
  • Dental Bone Grafting- It is done to restore jawbone loss mostly before placing a dental implant. A bone graft provides a solid foundation, hence keeping the teeth strong and healthy. 
  • Periodontal Surgery- It is performed for moderate to severe periodontitis. The procedure involves the temporary removal of the gum tissues via gum incisions, removal of dental plaque or tartar, and finally repositioning and suturing of the gum tissues back in place.  

Is First Point Dental Clinic worth it for Undergoing Oral Surgeries?  

First Point Dental Clinic stands among the topmost dental clinics for oral surgeries! Countless locals, as well as patients from faraway places, visit our Clinic due to following reasons: 

  • Welcoming and Friendly Staff Members

Our highly skilled dental experts work with every patient to offer an affordable, convenient, and customized treatment to address all their dental needs. They hold an array of knowledge and experience in dentistry backed by ongoing, extensive dental education. The dentists or oral surgeons at First Point Dental Clinic are very passionate about their patient’s oral health and well-being and work diligently to maintain functionality and aesthetics with preventive and restorative dental care. They are ready to take out their valuable time in listening to the patient’s needs and concerns related to their teeth, gums, and other mouth parts while answering whatever questions they ask. 

  • Well-Equipped Operation Theatres or Dental Laboratories

At First Point Dental Clinic, we use state-of-the-art dental technologies which raise the bars of quality of service provided in the dental industry. Advanced dental technologies help dentists or oral surgeons get a detailed and more accurate picture of the oral structure of the patients and make the dental treatments more minimally invasive, hence ensuring patients maximum comfort. They also help improve the success rate of treatments. 

  • Safety and comfort first

At First Point Dental Clinic, oral surgeons ensure that the right anesthesia is provided to the patients for them to get calming and virtually painless oral surgeries. The safety of the staff and the patients are the number one priority. Our staff is committed to following all the COVID-19 guidelines in the clinic. Furthermore, our clinic has a relaxing environment and always makes patients smile by providing comforting amenities. 

  • Convenience

Our Clinic is located at convenient locations in Chicago so many patients find it near to their homes and always accessible. Furthermore, First Point Dental Clinic offers convenient hours of operation for their patients and ample parking space for visitors.

  • Proper Follow-Up

Every patient who has undergone extensive dental work is recommended for follow-up visits to check for recovery, any complications, and if there is a need for further treatments. At First Point Dental Clinic, follow-up visits are scheduled for oral surgery patients usually after a week or so to check on their healing and removal of any loose sutures.

Oral Surgery in Chicago

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Oral Dental Surgeries?

An ideal candidate for oral dental surgery is typically a patient in good general health, has a healthy jaw bone structure, and requires treatment for conditions such as impacted wisdom teeth, gum disease, jaw tumors or cysts, or misaligned jaw or teeth. However, the dentist or oral surgeon determines candidacy for dental surgery and considers the patient’s overall health, medical history, and specific treatment goals.

What is the Cost of Oral Dental Surgeries?

Several factors determine the cost of oral dental surgeries, including:

  • Type of procedure: The complexity of the procedure and time it takes to complete will affect the overall cost.
  • Location: The cost of dental procedures can vary greatly depending on the clinic location or where you live, with prices typically higher in urban areas.
  • Experience and qualifications of the dentist or oral surgeon: The training and experience of the dental professional performing the procedure can affect the cost.
  • Type of dental insurance: Insurance policies can cover different percentages of the cost of the procedure, and some procedures may not be covered at all.
  • Use of sedation or anesthesia: The use of sedation or anesthesia during the procedure can add to the overall cost.
  • Type of materials used: The cost of dental materials, such as implants, crowns, or bridges, can vary widely and will affect the overall cost of the procedure.
  • Additional treatments or procedures: The overall cost will be higher if additional treatments are needed, like bone graft or sinus lift.

It’s essential to consult with a dentist or oral surgeon to get a detailed estimate of the cost of your specific treatment or procedure.

If one wants to know more about any type of oral surgery and is interested in undergoing the procedure, they can book a consultation with the best dental oral surgeon at First Point Dental Clinic.