7 Perks of Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

7 Perks of Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to develop at the corners of the mouth typically during late adolescence or early twenties. Some people do not have them all while others have them in numbers ranging from 1 to 4. In some cases, they might be asked to be removed by the dentist when they have begun causing problems inside the mouth instead of just existing.

Wisdom teeth removal is faced by the majority of teens and adults at some point in their lives. Most people have a negative stigma to get their wisdom teeth removed. However, in reality, there are many more benefits of extracting problematic wisdom teeth than one hardly could think. Read on to know the top 7 perks of getting wisdom teeth extracted discussed by a dental surgeon in Chicago at First Point Dental.

Top 7 Perks of Getting Wisdom Teeth Extracted

1. Protection of Other Teeth from Getting Damaged

Wisdom teeth may not erupt right and put a lot of pressure on their adjacent molars, possibly eroding their enamel or causing damage to their roots. The roots of wisdom teeth can grow into the roots of neighbouring healthy teeth or even pierce the facial nerves. The roots of the wisdom teeth can specifically affect the inferior alveolar nerve which is known for providing sensations to the chin, lower lip, and cheek. In case the wisdom teeth are infected, the infection can spread to other teeth, resulting in cavities, or even jaw bone loss. Thus, wisdom tooth extraction can prevent damage to other healthy teeth.    

2. No Pain Anymore

Some people have insufficient space in their dental arch and would face issues in trying to accommodate an extra set of molars. When wisdom teeth try to make up their room, they can cause inflamed gums and sensitivity. As a result, such people would suffer from intense pain while eating their favourite foods. The pressure built by the wisdom teeth could even lead to chronic headaches as the pain radiates through the jaw. Thankfully, wisdom teeth removal can provide relief to such pressure and allow them to enjoy their food in whatever way they like without irritating their gums. Most people feel so happy when they get back their opportunity to try different flavours of ice cream. It helps in avoiding gum irritation and supports the healing process.

3. Time-off

Those who have a busy daily schedule and go to work, can take leave and rest until they get recovered. On average, the wisdom teeth extraction recovery lasts for 3-4 days. But, for full recovery, the patient requires a break of one week or so. During this mandatory recovery break that the patient receives, the patient can spend some quality time with themselves or family, relatives, and friends. As they can’t be physically productive during this time, they get plenty of time to sit back and relax, take proper rest, and enjoy watching unlimited movies.

4. Get sympathy

Usually, everyone likes getting sympathy. After the wisdom teeth removal, the majority of the patients look worse than before. This can work in favour as family and friends or any other known persons of the patient who have undergone the same procedure would easily relate to them. Thus, the patient can receive a lot of attention and more than usual care from their friends and family. It won’t be long before the patient would start getting thoughtful surprises from others like being gifted with a good book, getting time to relax and watch movies, and having friendly snacks together.

5. Improved Oral Hygiene

Most patients think that the presence of wisdom teeth without any problematic symptoms doesn’t need to be removed. But that’s not true, many patients who have wisdom teeth without uncomfortable side effects often develop oral hygiene issues. They don’t even realize the damage until the dentist points it out or it causes discomfort. Whether the wisdom teeth are partially erupted or fully in a limited mouth space, their cleaning is difficult. Having wisdom teeth removed can surely provide them with better oral hygiene.  

6. Prevents Infection

A wisdom tooth may get stuck beneath the gums (become impacted), partially erupt, or completely erupt through the gum tissues. When a wisdom tooth erupts partially, food debris and infection-causing bacteria can build up on it. Surrounding the infected tooth, cysts and tumors can form, which can invade the jawbone and result in TMJ pain. If left untreated, the infection can spread to nearby gums and teeth, causing chronic bad-smelling breath. By removing the wisdom tooth as soon as possible, the infection can be prevented.    

7. Less Overcrowding and Orthodontics

An average mouth of an adult can hold onto 28 teeth in its entire dental arch. When extra molars try to get themselves accommodated at the mouth corners, they can result in crowding of the teeth. As a result, the other teeth get pushed out of their alignment to make room for themselves. Having wisdom teeth removed at First Point Dental can lessen such a possibility and the need for braces or any other orthodontics to correct misalignments.   

The extraction of wisdom teeth can be a complex procedure, so selecting a dental practice with extensive experience in this field is essential. Oral surgeons at First Point Dental have conducted many wisdom teeth extractions and have extensive experience with these procedures.

One must note that this procedure can be uncomfortable and potentially risky, so it’s important to choose a practice that prioritizes patient comfort and safety.  This may involve employing the latest methods, such as sedation dentistry, to help you feel more at ease during the procedure.

First Point Dental is known for providing comprehensive dental care for all patients. This may include routine cleanings and exams, dental implants, emergency dental care, tooth coloured fillings, and other services. 

Our expert team of board-certified oral surgeons are always happy to see new patients and are eager to assist you with your wisdom teeth-related dental issues.

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