Know the Five Signs You Need a Root Canal – 2024 Guide

Five Signs You Need a Root Canal

Root canal treatment is performed by endodontists, dental professionals specializing in the treatment of the inside of the tooth to save severely decayed or infected teeth. This involves the removal of an infected or damaged tooth pulp followed by its filling. How do you know if you need a root canal? It can be challenging to figure out when there is an urgency of having a root canal or any other dental procedure. Most physical symptoms do not appear until the problem is advanced, which is why it is recommended to see a dentist right away especially when the person feels gum or tooth pain and sensitivity to temperature. The common 5 signs you need a root canal are discussed below by the best dentist at First Point Dental Clinic, root canal clinic in Chicago:     

1. Intense Toothache- Pain is a well-known indicator of something serious, is happening with the tooth. When the tooth spontaneously causes a significant pain without any other attributable cause i.e. when the tooth decay has resulted in the exposure of the nerves present inside the infected tooth. This exposure can terribly hurt. The severity of pain and sensation may vary as the patient changes positions such as bending or sitting. Pain may become more profound when pressure is applied to the tooth while brushing or flossing of tooth or chewing.  

2. Tooth discoloration- If there is an infection or nerve damage inside the tooth, the affected tooth may become darker in color (usually gray) than the remaining natural teeth.

3. Pain and swelling of gums- If there is a severe infection of the inside of the tooth, there is likely some discomfort felt in the gum tissues surrounding it. However, the discomfort may be in various forms. Some patients may feel like there is a knot or painless bump in the gums. In other cases, the swelling may be so pronounced that it becomes noticeable on the face and neck regions.    

4. Persistent gum pimples- Gums are fleshy parts of the mouth that can have raised bumps on them. If the patient experiences a pus-filled boil on the gum (a form of localized swelling) or a dental abscess, then this could be an indication of severe tooth infection. Abscesses can lead to an unpleasant taste of the mouth, swollen gums, and other discomfort. Do not attempt to drain out the pus by puncturing such growth, instead consult the endodontist or dentist and let them assess the condition. It is very important to seek prompt dental help as an untreated dental abscess can make it difficult for the patient to swallow or breathe.    

5. Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold- Dental hypersensitivity can be caused due to many reasons. But if there is long-term sensitivity felt by the individual after eating or drinking hot or cold food or drinks, it could mean the infection has reached the tooth pulp. A dentist can help determine the reason behind the pain and if there is a need for a root canal.

When do You Need a Root Canal and How Do You Know If You Need a Root Canal?

When the above-mentioned dental signs are present altogether in the patient, it may point out serious tooth decay or infection. Hence, instead of waiting for the dental issue to worsen, the area must be treated as early as possible. Otherwise, there may be a case that the permanent tooth can’t be saved and the only option left is its extraction. If you are afraid or nervous about root canal therapy, don’t be!

The dental professionals at First Point Dental Clinic can help one know more about the signs you need a root canal and are also experts in performing painless root canal process. To know more, pay a visit now!