Common Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

signs you know your wisdom teeth removed

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that develop in only some people usually between the age between 17 and 25. They are not always functional and may turn problematic in the future. For individuals having one or more wisdom teeth coming in and who are unsure about when they should get them removed, continue reading the information provided by the expert dentist at First Point Dental Clinic to learn about what signs you need your wisdom teeth removed.

What are Signs that you need your Wisdom Teeth Out?         

1. Impacted Wisdom Teeth– As wisdom teeth are the last one to arise at the back of the mouth, they may emerge in wrong or weird directions and get trapped in the jawbone or gums, which makes it painful or cause discomfort. They can affect and infect their adjacent teeth as they try to accommodate themselves. The perfect smile of an individual can get ruined as the other teeth shift in unwanted ways, leading to underbite or overbite. Hence, when people notice that there is no space for the emergence of extra molars, then they must be prepared for their removal.

2. Jaw Pain or Stiffness– This is one of the most common signs you need your wisdom teeth removed. If the wisdom teeth come in improperly, they cause bite problems. The misaligned jaw can be a painful concern that can cause stiffness and makes it difficult to close or open the mouth. When the person has overcrowding of teeth because of emerging wisdom teeth, pain may also be located in cheeks or tongue. This pain can be due to unusual biting of them as wisdom teeth grow at the wrong angle and rub against them. Thus, it is important to address this concern by wisdom teeth extraction without any delay as it may lead to serious dental issues.

3. Persistent Sinus Problem- When the wisdom teeth have their roots in the upper jaw, pressure may be put on the sinuses. This can lead to sinus pain, headaches, earaches, and a feeling of pressure or nasal congestion. When the pain inside the mouth radiates to the head and ear too, these complications are also a sign that there is a need for wisdom teeth removal.

4. Bad Breath– Bad breath is mostly caused due to poor oral hygiene. But if proper brushing and flossing or staying away from sugary drinks are not helping out in getting rid of bad breath, the reason must be impacted wisdom teeth. No matter how well an individual brushes or floss their teeth, wisdom teeth erupt in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, and when the food or other particles get stuck there, they can cause inflammation and infection and give an all-time bad breath. When the bacteria fester at the back of the mouth, it can cause cavities or gum infections that may progress to periodontitis. All these are the symptoms of wisdom teeth extraction.

5. Infection or Inflammation– If the wisdom teeth emerge partially, it can cause gum infection which can even spread to the lymph nodes and make an individual susceptible to a sore throat. As a result, the individual may have trouble performing daily activities like eating, chewing, and speaking. That’s why the patient needs to visit a dentist nearby when there is a pain in the mouth or jaw or pus oozing out in the mouth due to infection.

6. Growth of Cysts around Wisdom Teeth– If wisdom teeth are ignored, cysts (fluid sacs) may form inside the mouth. If they are not treated, they can lead to significant damage to the jaw, teeth, and all surrounding structures. In severe cases, it may turn into a tumor.

To know more about what signs you need your wisdom teeth removed, schedule an appointment with the best team of dentists in Chicago at First Point Dental Clinic.

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