What Is a Dental Emergency and Where To Go for Care?

What Is a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be troubling and requires an unexpected trip to the dentist. Some dental emergencies can be more urgent than others and may require a trip to the emergency room. Hence, communicating with a dental professional is essential when a dental trauma or accident occurs. If the dental issue is left untreated, it can increase the risk of tooth loss or permanent injury to the gums, and it can be potentially life-threatening.

It is important to report to the dentist in case of any emergency dental care and provide them with all the information concerning the situation.

Following are the Most Common Dental Emergencies

  • Tooth or Gum Abscess

Abscesses are a type of infection that affects the gums between the teeth or near the teeth roots. They look like pimples or swelling and are often pus-filled and painful. They can be life-threatening if left untreated, as the infection can extend to other body parts, so one must contact a dental professional immediately to treat it professionally.

  • Pain in Mouth

If one is experiencing a pain-like sensation in their mouth, it is important to contact a dental professional immediately to determine the cause. The main reason for mouth pain can be tooth decay, toothache, gum disease, or sinus issues.

  • Broken Braces

People with braces may have a situation when their wire breaks or slides outs of the tube, and it becomes spooky. This can occur when one is trying to place the wire in a more comfortable position and places an orthodontic wax in the area of pain. Hence, avoiding cutting the wire or removing the applicants is important. Contact the orthodontist near me to inform them of the situation and get it corrected.

  • Pain in Jaws

Pain in the jaws can be accompanied by altered taste, inflammation, nausea, fever, difficulty chewing food, and trouble swallowing. If one experiences severe pain or believes that their jaw is broken, they must see their dentist.

  • Missing Filling

A missing filling is another common dental emergency, and if left untreated, it can lead the tooth to break or chip easily without reinforcement. It can also expose the tooth nerves, which cause various other dental issues that may require immediate dentist help. Call us today to know more.

  • Exposed Nerves

Exposed nerves are incredibly painful and will worsen if you delay seeing a dentist. Pursue dental care immediately to prevent infections, further nerve damage, and the need for more extended emergency dental care.

  • Extracted Tooth

Having a tooth knocked out of your mouth can be quite a surprise. As per ‘The American Association of Endodontists,’ if your dentist acts quickly, he or she may be able to reinsert and save your tooth.

Before visiting your dentist, you must:

  • Please pick up the tooth by its crown, being careful not to touch the root.
  • It should be rinsed without scrubbing.
  • Whenever possible, reinsert the tooth into its socket.
  • If the tooth cannot be put back, place it in a container of milk or water.
  • Visit the dentist immediately to increase the likelihood of saving your tooth.

What Should One Do if They Have a Dental Emergency?

If anyone is experienced in any dental emergency, one most immediate thing is to contact the dentist’s office immediately. This can help prevent the worsening of dental or other health concerns.  

What Must One Not Do in a Dental Emergency Situation?

In a dental emergency situation, one must not panic. Instead, try to remain calm and follow the necessary steps if possible. If one has lost their tooth or the gums are bleeding, they must not panic and try to stop bleeding using cotton or a gauge. Similarly, if one is experiencing tooth pain or pain in their gums, they must not place any medication on their gums as it can cause more damage to the oral tissues. One of the most necessary steps in such cases is to visit a dental dentist immediately.

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Why Should You Act Immediately If You are Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

You must seek emergency dental care immediately if you are experiencing a dental health emergency. While the thought of tooth extraction or oral surgery is unappealing, emergency dental care offers numerous benefits, including the following:

  • It protects teeth. Although sometimes necessary, tooth extraction is not a favorable procedure. There will be a space between your teeth; tooth loss could cause several other complications, such as jawbone deterioration and infection. Individuals who frequently lose teeth invest thousands of dollars in dental implants or prosthetics to fill the void. You may be able to save a tooth if you are able to locate a dentist for emergency care.
  • It relieves discomfort. So long as you receive prompt dental treatment, you won’t have to worry about living with discomfort.
  • It prevents the proliferation of problems. Untreated dental problems can worsen. Infections and fissures can spread if not treated. Visiting an emergency dentist ensures you prevent serious problems with your teeth and mouth.
  • Protect dental appliances. Some dental emergencies involve orthodontic appliances or dental bridges. Ignoring problems with these appliances could result in damage.
  • Chronic tooth pain and swelling can impair your ability to eat and speak. If an infection spreads to your throat, you may experience difficulty breathing. Securing an appointment with an emergency dentist can ensure that you receive the necessary treatment to restore functions and prevent problems from escalating.
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Common Dental Emergencies Treatments

How to handle dental emergencies depends on the extent of the situation and the damage caused. In case of toothache, chips, or holes, the dentist may first treat the infection and fix the cracked or chipped tooth, which might involve the following procedures:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Composite restoration
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Fillings
  • Irrigation and antibiotic therapy
  • Composite restoration.

If your tooth has been broken up, dislodged, or completely knocked out, your dentist may need to perform the following procedures:

Who is the Best Emergency Dentist Near Me?

High-quality preventive care can help keep some dental issues at bay, and dental emergencies do occur. It’s crucial to act fast when dealing with a dental emergency in order to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

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