What is Better Dental Bridge or Crown? Accurate Guide

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Anyone missing one or more missing teeth is recommended for artificial replacements by a dental clinic near you. There are plenty of options available to restore your smile. Some of the restorative dentistry procedures are removable partial dentures, affordable dental implants, Implant-supported dental bridge, crowns, and flippers are available. Dentures are prone to problems like sliding in & out and fall out from their place with concerns existing around proper maintenance. On the other hand, tooth implants would seem expensive and out of budget as dental insurance doesn’t cover it in the majority of cases. Now, both tooth bridges and crowns use prosthetic devices to restore your bright smile. In today’s article, we find out what is better a bridge or a Crown? Read below to get a clear and fresh insight on the dental procedures at a dental clinic.

What is the Difference Between Crown and Bridge?

A tooth crown is taken into consideration if a tooth is found damaged or fractured. On the other hand, a bridge is recommended for individuals missing one or many teeth. Let’s get into more details as we analyze the key differences between crown and bridge in the dentistry field-

Tooth Crown

A dental crown is an artificial tooth made using either porcelain or ceramic. The reason for its popularity is the crown can be customized as per the patient’s needs plus it matches the color and texture of the existing natural teeth. In some cases, dentists use gold alloy for improving the strength and durability of the crown. We at First Point Dental recommend tooth crowns to individuals whose tooth is fractured, chipped, or broken.

Tooth Crown Procedure:

  • The damaged tooth will be filled and resized into a smaller dimension. 
  • The dentist will remove the decay from the tooth’s surface. 
  • The tooth structure will be restored for supporting and holding the new tooth crown. 
  • The crown will be placed on the damaged tooth’s surface and fixed into the desired position. 
  • The crown acts as a cap over the reshaped tooth for improving strength.

Dental Bridges

Tooth bridges are best suited for individuals with missing teeth. Essentially, the bridge is made of two crowns which are placed at either end while the replacement teeth lie in between them. Also, the replacement teeth’ bridge will fill the area in the gums where there is tooth loss. The dentist will fuse the crowns at the end of the bridge to the existing teeth or to the existing tooth implants. Once a tooth bridge is placed, it will function like natural teeth. As with tooth crowns. bridge materials could be anything from alloys to gold to porcelain. Usually, the dentist near you would recommend porcelain for front tooth replacement due to its striking resemblance to the natural tooth color and shade.

What is Better Bridge or a Crown?

If you are still confused about which procedure is suitable, make an appointment or call us at  888-736-6430. Our experienced and skilled team of dentists will help you in restoring your smile. We will sit down and help you in finding out how much dental bridge vs crown costs in our clinics. Not just that, we will list out the difference between crown and bridge and what is better a bridge or a crown.