Where Can I Find a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienists recommend good dental hygiene at home to prevent the occurrence of serious dental concerns like gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss at any point in life. But, who are dental hygiene doctors, and where can I find a dental hygienist? What do dental hygienists do? Read on to get answers to these commonly asked questions.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist is a specialised dental professional who is specifically trained to look after your oral health. They can do wonders for the feel, look, and health of your mouth. They are highly skilled in preventing periodontal disease.

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

Generally, during an appointment with the dental hygienist, your gums and teeth are fully examined, teeth are thoroughly cleaned, and advice is given to maintain good oral health. Firstly, the dental hygienist will assess the oral health condition and check for signs of dental concerns. Next, the dental hygienist will thoroughly clean and polish your teeth. Lastly, they will discuss with you any further treatments (if needed) and recommend proper dental care at home.

How to Find a Good Dental Hygienist?

There are some important qualities that you must consider when selecting your dental hygienist so that you get the best possible dental experience. These include:

  • Personality

You must choose that hygienist who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during your treatment. The hygienist must be understanding, patient, and compassionate and you can feel free and safe to discuss your hygiene habits and issues.

  • Education Qualifications and Experience

A good hygienist will have up-to-date knowledge and training, a well-rounded resume, good track records regarding their work, and years of clinical experience. It is always recommended to first check the licence and certification of your hygienist. To make the right choice and build a trusting relationship with your hygienist, you must browse online dental clinic websites to learn about patient testimonials.

  • Communication

Look for a dental hygienist who can have open discussions with patients, calm and help a patient through conversations, and educate the patients accordingly.

  • Passion

A good dental hygienist is passionate about his/her work, provides detail-oriented work, is more engaged with the patient, and holds themselves to a higher standard.  

Why opt for Dental Hygiene Treatment at First Point Dental in Chicago?

At The Dental Specialists here in Chicago, you can find dental hygienists committed to helping you and your family look and feel better. Our team of professional and friendly dental hygienists is employed to closely examine your mouth for any indications of infections, gum disease, cavities, jawbone loss, and others. Once the examination is over, we provide you with a personalized hygiene plan to help you achieve and maintain good oral health to ensure your well-being.

The Best Dental Hygiene Treatments in Chicago Offered at First Point Dental Include:

  • Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that can be found in public water sources. It helps in strengthening tooth enamel and provides added protection against tooth decay. Your teeth can benefit from the usage of fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwashes. Depending upon your oral health, professional fluoride treatments by dental hygienists may be recommended.

  • Professional Teeth Cleanings

At our clinic, you can visit us for an in-chair dental cleaning every 6 months. Professional teeth cleaning involves the removal of dental plaque or hardened plaque called tartar or dental calculus using special dental tools that are hard to be cleaned by daily brushing or flossing. By opting for dental cleaning, you can avoid serious oral health concerns like gingivitis, enamel loss, or teeth decay and get squeaky clean teeth.

  • Periodontal Treatments

This is recommended if you show gum or periodontal disease symptoms like swollen or red gums, excessive gum bleeding, and pockets forming between gums and teeth. Our dental hygienists can perform procedures like scaling, root planing, flap surgery (pocket reduction), guided tissue regeneration, bone grafting, and soft tissue grafting to restore gum condition to better health.

  • Preventive Dental Care

We offer routine dental check-ups using dental X-rays for all our patients together with the dental care regimen to stop the onset of tooth decay, cavities, or gum infections. A visit to the dental hygienist in Chicago every 6 months can help you understand your current oral hygiene, check for the health of your teeth and gums, spot early warning signs of any gum infection or disease, receive mouth hygiene guidance, remove teeth stains, and get ultrasonic teeth cleaning.  

If you want good oral health, call and talk with the best dental hygiene doctor in Chicago at First Point Dental.