Why Is Dental Implants Treatment Becoming Trending?

dental implants trends

A dental implant is a titanium/zirconium post that is screwed into the jawbone to form a sturdy base for replacement tooth/teeth- crown, bridge, or denture. It is a fake tooth root used to restore the entire tooth structure of missing one or more teeth as well as the entire teeth set. Dental implants trends highlight a permanent restorative dental practice of installing the implant components- the post (as root), an abutment (connector piece), and the replacement tooth/teeth.

Among all tooth restoration options, dental implants stand out in many ways. So, is dental implant procedure a new trend? The answer is NO. Is it a popular trend? The answer is a loud YES. Dental implants came into the picture as a dental restoration solution back in the 1950s and when the titanium implants showed up in 1982, they came into great demand. Since then, continued modifications and advancements have been in dental implants to improve the quality and success rate of the dental implants. Now, tooth implants treatment is a popular trending tooth replacement option for missing one or more teeth. Why so? Find out the reasons behind it becoming trending by reading this article.

Some Facts And Trends of Dental Implants 

  • The majority of people suffering from tooth loss prefer dental implants over other alternatives because of the ongoing advancements in the expertise of dental professionals and technologies used in dental implant treatment.
  • Millions of people each year are losing teeth or getting their teeth extracted. That means there are a lot of opportunities for dental implants to become an even stronger choice in tooth replacement.
  • Explosive growth in the global dental implant market is anticipated in the coming decades because of more consumer awareness, demographic changes, technological upgrades in both diagnosis and treatment and advancements in other restorative and surgical innovations.
  • The expected increase in demand for dental implants in the upcoming years is major because of the aging population. By 2030, it is believed that people aged 65 and above will go for implants in more numbers than those aged 18 and below.   
  • Now, dentists are experts in using advanced computer-generated scanning and digital technologies that help them create more precise dental implant plans and designs for tooth restoration as well as duplicate implants closely resembling the original tooth. Dental implants trends highlight that, for instance, restorative dentists can ensure 100% success of dental implant surgery with the help of Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) which aids them in several surgical considerations like the location of anatomical structures, size and position of implants, and distance between adjacent teeth.
  • Although titanium is a standard industry material used for making dental implants, zirconia implants are becoming trending. That’s because zirconium may have better soft tissue response and biocompatibility and have a whiter tooth-like color over time.
  • The dental implants now can be precisely installed in place in less time with computer-guided implant surgery.
  • Advanced dental implants come with an antibacterial coating that helps the implant better fuse with the jawbone and prevent infection.

Why Dental Implant Treatment Is In Great Demand?

Dental implants are becoming trending as they offer the following benefits:

  • Serves well for the remainder of one’s lifetime

After a successful installation of a dental implant, the implant is expected to stay for the rest of the life of the patient, only if properly cared for and maintained. That’s because of the optimal stability provided to the replacement tooth by the fusion of the implant post with the jawbone. The implant post acts as natural tooth roots and stimulates jawbone growth, further securing the implant’s overall structure in place.

  • Designed to be aesthetically appealing

The implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. The implant post is screwed into the jawbone and lies beneath the gum line, so it remains hidden. When someone with a dental implant(s) grins or laughs, people only catch sight of a replacement tooth that shows a close match to real teeth. This means that no one except the patient and the dentist would be able to find out that the patient has got an implant fitted in his/her mouth. Dental implants improve the smile aesthetics of people who have missing teeth and thus boost their self-esteem and confidence.

  • Have a high success rate

In the long run, dental implants are the most durable option for missing teeth replacement. Most dental researchers say that dental implants have a 98% (nearly perfect) success rate and are highly efficient as compared to other dental restorations- crowns, bridges, and dentures.

  • Helps preserve the facial structure

When there is a tooth or teeth loss, adjacent teeth start shifting to take over the free space in the mouth, thereby affecting the general facial structure. Moreover, the jawbone in the missing tooth area starts deteriorating and further, the jawbone loss leads to facial structure collapse. To avoid all this from happening, the only solution is to get dental implants timely fixed in place of lost teeth.

  • Helps restore tooth functionality

Losing teeth can result in difficulties in performing daily tasks such as speaking and chewing. As dental implants are firmly lodged into the jawbone, they help people speak clearly and chew food in the same way as real teeth do. Unlike dentures, they do not slip off while eating or speaking.

  • No need for special maintenance

Dental implants need to be cared for and maintained just as natural teeth. This includes daily two-times brushing and one-time flossing as well as having yearly dental check-ups and cleaning.

  • No harm to adjacent natural teeth

Unlike dental bridges that affect the health of nearby teeth when placed in the mouth, dental implants do not cause any harm. Dental implants take no support from adjacent teeth.

  • Terrific investment in long-term oral health

If dental implants are protected against decay or cavities by practicing a proper oral hygiene regimen, they ensure an infection-free mouth for the long term.

  • Very comfortable in the mouth

Dental implants are made custom-fit to the patient’s mouth. After they are placed, they remain fixed in place and their underlying jawbone remains flexible and strong. There is no chance of implants shifting or coming out of the mouth or touching any part of the mouth to cause discomfort.

Thinking of Joining the Tend?

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