Will Veneers Straighten My Teeth? [2024] Updated Guide

Will Veneers Straighten My Teeth

Will Veneers Straighten My Teeth ? A lot of people wish they could straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. They look for ways to achieve this and get their desired aesthetic smile. There are many cosmetic dentistry services available, from lingual braces and Invisalign which invisibly straighten teeth, to Inman aligners which speed up the alignment process, and the traditional fixed orthodontics which helps straighten most severe crooked teeth.

However, if you’re only interested in straightening a few front crooked teeth, veneers are the simple, efficient, and quickest approach. Read on to know will veneers straighten my teeth and how can you straighten teeth with veneers?

Overview on Veneers

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells made of either porcelain or composite resin materials. They are mainly chosen to conceal any imperfections of the front or most visible surfaces of the teeth. This form of dental restoration is placed on top of existing damaged or crooked natural teeth to change their shape, color, and alignment.

Veneers can be applied to fix small gaps in your smile, straighten a few of your crooked teeth, and treat slight overcrowding of your teeth. They provide you with a more even, radiant, and natural-looking complete smile.

Veneers are not a permanent solution. Their longevity depends upon the material used and how well your dental hygiene is maintained. Porcelain veneers typically last the longest which is around 10-15 years while the composite veneers only last for 4-7 years.    

Can You Straighten Your Teeth With Veneers?

Dental veneers do not straighten the natural teeth. The direct or indirect application of composite resin or porcelain only creates an illusion of straighter teeth. Hence, veneers are often used when only one or two front natural teeth appear crooked in contrast to the remaining teeth. Placing composite or porcelain veneers over the crooked teeth makes them blend seamlessly with the rest of the natural teeth. The issue is rectified as the teeth hide beneath an artificial layer. If you have multiple crooked teeth, veneers can still be used, but it comes with some benefits and disadvantages.

Pros of Teeth Straightening With Veneers:

  • Quick Timing– Unlike other teeth straightening procedures that take time to give results, you can get almost instant results with veneers.
  • Get The Desired Shape– With veneers, you can easily change a short or pointy tooth into your desired shape.
  • Personalized Smile– The material used for fabricating dental veneers can be selected in different shades. Our expert cosmetic dentist at First Point Dental will choose the  tooth shell color that matches the rest of your natural teeth. This means you can get a whiter, straighter smile with veneers. When people look at your smile, they will have a hard time telling where the tooth cover ends and the real tooth begins. Thus, dental veneers are a great option for minor teeth straightening problems.

Cons of Using Veneers To Straighten Teeth  

  • Teeth Look Bulkier- This happens when extra layers of porcelain or composite resin adhere to the teeth.
  • More Chances of Breakage or Fracture- If you apply too much pressure or force over them.
  • Healthy Teeth Need To Be Shaved Down- For the placement of dental veneers, you need to prepare your tooth. Before dental veneers are applied to your tooth, you may have to remove some portions of your tooth enamel. This may affect healthy teeth.

How Veneers Can Fix Your Crooked Teeth?

Preliminary Exam: Before making the placement appointment for veneers, you must talk to your dentist to know if the veneers are the right choice for you, or  using veneers to straighten teeth can help you to get the desired outcomes. After speaking to your dentist, you will undergo a preliminary examination. During this assessment, your dentist will review your medical history, check if everything is set for the treatment, and may also take dental X-rays.    

Procedure: Placement of veneers is done in one or two dental visits depending upon the material used. If the composite resin is applied, you can get it directly bonded onto your teeth in a single visit. For porcelain veneers, you would require some tooth preparation. A mold will be taken of your prepared tooth and sent to a dental laboratory to create the porcelain veneer. After about two weeks you can get them ready. Once your dental clinic receives the completed tooth shells, you can book a second dental appointment. Porcelain veneers are bonded to the tooth with adhesives. A special light source is used to quickly harden the dental bond and secure the veneers in place.  

Result And Aftercare: Following the application of veneers, you will no longer have crooked teeth. Your teeth and bite would remain the same underneath and the tooth coverings would create a beautiful smile. Your dentist can also sculpt the veneers for smooth, even edges.

Veneers do not cause any problems if you properly care for them. You must follow a good dental care regime after getting veneers.

Do you want to know if you can get straightened teeth with veneers or will veneers straighten my teeth? Consult the dental experts at First Point Dental for more information.