First Visit

Everyone is anxious about any dental appointment, leave alone their first one! Assurance can go a long way in dissipating any apprehensions. We at First Point Dental assuage your worries with crystal clear communication from day 1 when you schedule your first appointment with us. The focus of our team is simply you. Our objective is to provide you with correct information about your dental health, care, and treatments. From the moment you step into our dental clinic for the first visit, we listen to you. From asking questions to us or answering your questions, our team is dedicated to your dental care. Let’s move into details of your first dental visit here:

What you need to bring on your first visit

  • Insurance card and a Photo ID
  • Recent dental X-rays (within the past 6 months) if you have any.
  • Complete information about your medical and dental health history.
  • A list of your current medications

Greetings and Paperwork

Please arrive a few minutes before your allotted time as paperwork can roughly take about 10-15 minutes

Save Time on Paperwork

You can access your paperwork directly from your email or through a text, days before your appointment. We will send you a link that will have all your new patient forms.

We’ll take X-rays

We kick off your appointment by taking 2 sets of Radiographs (for most patients). Conditions such as cracked teeth, infections, cavities, and decay between teeth are sometimes not visible to the dentist clinically, hence, X-rays are crucial to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Hygiene Exam

After your diagnostic X-rays, you will be seen by the Hygienist. The hygienist will take a look around your teeth! The health of your gums per say. They will also evaluate what type of cleaning you will need. Not all patients are the same, neither are all cleanings, so there’s a good chance you might not get a cleaning on your first day, solely because we want to create a treatment plan that specifically caters to you and your needs as a patient.

We’ll check all your teeth

And your gums, tongue, and cheeks. A healthy mouth is pivotal for healthy teeth. Your dentist will check all the surfaces of your teeth and every structure in your mouth for any abnormalities, infections, decay, or gum disease. At this time you can discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your dentist.

We’ll plan and discuss your options

Once you’re done with the clinical and radiological part of your visit, you’ll have a chance to sit down with the clinic manager, to discuss your treatment options, how your insurance works, and finally, schedule you in to get you started! If your teeth are healthy, wonderful! We’ll send you back with a few oral hygiene instructions and a recall appointment for 6 months, just so you stay on top of your oral health.


Please, during any time of your appointment, do not hesitate to ask questions. Questions are always welcome and appreciated at our office, and we’ll be more than willing to answer all of them to the best of our knowledge and abilities.