Dr. Jamia Luria

Dr. Jamia Luria

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Luria graduated in DDS  (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from the University of Michigan. He also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biopsychology from the University of Michigan. With his desire and interest in the field of dentistry, he received his Doctor of Medicine from the State University of New York in the year 2012. Dr. Luria is an dedicated dental professional with a passionate desire to offer his patients the best all-round care.

When to Consult Dr. Jamia Luria for Oral Dental Concerns?

Your tooth has been bothering you for a couple of weeks and causing intolerable pain. Maybe your jawbone has become sore or recently you have lost a tooth. Is it sufficient to have a general dental visit? What if you require an appointment with an oral surgeon? How do I know the need of consulting an oral surgeon?

Dr. Jamia Luria, an oral surgeon in Chicago, can help out in several dental situations by performing different cosmetic and restorative procedures. Most people think of oral surgery as an unpleasant experience and try to avoid it but its effectiveness cannot be denied. With modern dental technologies and techniques, oral surgeries are far less invasive and complex than before.

Services Provided by Dr. Jamia Luria, an Expert Dental Surgeon in Illinois:

Most common dental surgeries for which patients may need to consult an oral surgeon include-

1. Tooth ExtractionsWhen the natural tooth gets severely decayed or damaged/ injured and it can’t be saved, prompt tooth removal by a surgeon becomes necessary. Some cases for which an oral surgeon is consulted in order to extract the tooth and prevent the situation from worsening include severe pain or discomfort from the impacted tooth, misaligned teeth, difficult to treat teeth, bleeding gums, and serious cavities or decay below the gum line.  

2. Placement of Dental ImplantsThis is an oral surgery wherein titanium posts are screwed into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth roots. It is followed by the placing of an abutment and the replacement tooth or teeth at the top (such as a dental crown, bridge, or denture).

3. Sleep Apnea and Snoring- Patients having troubled breathing can consult an oral surgeon for surgical removal of soft tissues of the lower jaw or oropharynx, to open the nasal passages for better breathing. Laser surgery is the latest approach.

4. Improvement in the Fit of Dentures- Dentures are customized false teeth, prosthetic devices that are designed in a dental laboratory using the mouth impressions of the patient. They help replace the missing natural teeth and restore the lost oral functions as well as fill out the appearance of the facial profile. Before placing dentures for the first time and ensuring their better fit, the oral surgeon helps in the process of bone grafting.

Keeping with the standards of good dental practice, before providing treatment, Dr. Jamia Luria conducts a thorough assessment of the patient’s dental condition and makes sure that the quality dental care that is provided is pain-free.

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