Dr. Rajan Sharma

Dr. Rajan Sharma

DMD, Endodontist

Dr. Rajan Sharma is a board eligible Endodontist, with over 24 years of experience in the dental field. He is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, where he went on to obtain his Masters in Endodontics in 1991.

Dr. Sharma is a member of the Chicago Dental Society, the Illinois Dental Society, the American Dental Association, and the American Association of Endodontics. He uses his expertise to perform painless and efficient root canals helping patients save teeth every day.​

Endodontist Role Saving Tooth With Root Canal

Endodontists are dental professionals who specialize in root canal treatment. Root canal or endodontic therapy is a dental treatment to eliminate the infection from the innermost area of the tooth (the tooth pulp comprising of nerves, blood vessels, and a network of tissue fibers). The tooth pulp infection is caused because of overgrowth of bacteria naturally living inside the mouth which leads to tooth cavities. Root canal treatment is recommended most commonly because of severe tooth decay but can also be undergone if there is problematic tooth filling or the tooth gets damaged due to trauma to preserve the natural permanent tooth.  

If a person has an infected root canal that has led to toothache and a feeling of high sensitivity even when no eating or drinking takes place, then it must be treated by the endodontists as soon as possible. When left untreated, the infection can lead to an abscess and even the face can become swollen.

A root canal treatment help patients achieve a better life quality by saving the natural tooth, empowering them to ensure full protection to their healthy nearby teeth, keeping intact the natural smile, providing effective relief from pain, and allowing eating foods or having drinks without any restrictions. It also provides financial benefits to the patient with extremely competitive pricing and its longevity often lasting for life-long after being healed.

A root canal treatment begins when the endodontist numbs the areas surrounding the infected tooth. Once the anesthesia takes its effect, they remove the infected tooth pulp and root canal section located at the center of the tooth using dental drills. When the root canal is hollowed out, the space is filled with a specially formulated substance. Lastly, based on how much of the dentin is absent, the treated tooth is sealed off and the tooth’s chewing surface is restored with a crown.

At First Point Dental, our expert endodontist in Chicago, Dr. Rajan Sharma offers root canal therapy even for complex cases at a reasonable cost. Dr. Rajan Sharma is a highly experienced and trusted root canal specialist who understands the importance of getting instant pain relief from an infected root canal and so provides their patients with advanced root canal treatment even on an emergency basis at their private dental office.

Our highly-rated root canal specialist Dr. Rajan Sharma has mastered Endodontics and served the endodontic branch of dentistry for the past many years. With his skilled hands and careful dental practice, the patients who undertake root canal treatment can experience only slight pain- a feeling of a bit of pressure similar to the feeling during a tooth filling.

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