Dr. Fuwad Al-Sabek

Dr. Sabek

D.M.D., Endodontist

Dr. Sabek has a dental pain degree from the University of Pittsburgh and an Endodontic and Masters of Science Degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Also, Dr. Sabek is a member of the American Association of Endodontists.

Dr. Sabek the best endodontist in Chicago provides state of the art endodontic treatment to our patients in order to restore teeth that would otherwise be extracted, and to treat and prevent dental pin and infections. If needed, there is the opportunity to take advantage of Dr. Sabek’s training in microscopic endodontic treatments. Most of the endodontic treatments he renders are painless and completed in one visit.

When to Consult Dr. Sabek for Endodontic Treatment?

The deep-seated portion of the tooth called pulp comprises delicate nerve tissues and blood vessels. When there is any injury or severe cavity of the tooth, it results in a painful condition. Endodontists are dental professionals that specialize in root canal treatment specifically working on the core layer of the tooth (tooth pulp).

Services Provided by Dr. Sabek, an Expert Endodontist in Illinois :

People can consult Dr. Sabek to carry out the procedures required for making the inside of the teeth and gums healthy. A root canal treatment in Chicago is an endodontic procedure carried out to treat infections of the tooth pulp. Infections could be caused by severe tooth cavities, bad dental filling, cracked teeth, or bad oral habits.

Another approach to save the tooth which is severely infected or inflamed from removal is Apicoectomy. This is done in patients where root canal treatment is not enough to heal the tooth and its surrounding tissues. During the procedure, a gum incision is made to reveal the jawbone from underneath and a small hole is drilled in the jawbone right on the root tip to gain access to the infected area of the tooth. The endodontist removes the infected tissues of the tooth, cleans and disinfects the root tip, seals the tooth with a filling, and closes the cuts in the gums with sutures.

Common Dental Injuries for Which Patients may Visit Endodontists Include:

Cracked or Chipped Tooth- If not treated, this dental concern can lead to infections or further problems. After a tooth injury, the natural tooth can be saved by reattaching the broken piece of the tooth. But most patients do not have the cracked-off portion of the tooth remaining, in such a case, endodontists can help by molding a piece of tooth-colored filling in that area. This is followed by the placing of a dental crown.

Dislodged Tooth- A traumatic injury can displace the tooth from its original socket. An endodontist can help in the repositioning of the tooth and stabilize it to prevent it from getting shifted again. If the dislodged tooth gets infected or damaged from inside, an endodontist can help by repositioning the tooth and carrying out a root canal treatment to ensure the longevity of the procedure by minimizing further damage.

Root Fracture- It is the break or crack caused in the tooth roots. When the fracture of the tooth goes unnoticed and reaches the tooth pulp, then it must be removed by root canal treatment to prevent further infection or damage.

To get effective treatment for cracked, dislodged, root canal, and root fracture treatment in Chicago, schedule an appointment at First Point Dental.