Kayla Ketza

Kayla Ketza

Lead Dental Assistant

Kayla Ketza, Lead Dental Assistant in Chicago at First Point Dental has a total of 15 years experience working in the hospitality and insurance industry where she developed a well rounded personality. After gaining all of the knowledge working in her previous roles she decided to pursue a career in the dental field where she has been able to grow and provide quality patient care. Kayla treats all of her patients as if they are family and will go out of her way to make sure patients feel their best and as comfortable as possible under her care. Kayla is certified in coronal polishing, sealant placement, and CPR. Outside of the office, Kayla loves spending quality time with her daughter, Leah. Kayla enjoys cooking meals for her family, making time for self-care, and reading self-improvement books.

Providing The Best Dental Care Under The Supervision Of Experts

Kayla and our First Point Dental team strive to deliver the best experience to our patients. When our patients visit the clinic they are welcomed and situated in the appropriate operative room. She reviews the patient health histories and documents all medications, medical conditions, and also informs the doctor of any abnormalities the patient is suffering by checking their overall health and medication history.

Kayla also assists the doctor during a variety of treatments, exams, and procedures, and always strives to deliver a positive patient experience by focusing on providing the best possible care and treatment to our patients. She also ensures proper sterilization of the equipment and operatory before the subsequent patients arrive.

Kayla educates the patient about their oral health, procedures and also offers nutritional counseling. She has wonderful communication skills and offers excellent customer service with a positive attitude and dedication. In a supportive and cooperative working environment, the First Point Dental Team always tries to perform their best work to make their patient happy with the best outcomes.