Major Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Explore the benefits of getting dental implants at First Point Dental in Chicago.

A dental implants is a state-of-the-art replacement tooth that mimics the complete natural tooth structure. It is composed of a titanium post that acts as the artificial tooth root, an abutment that connects the implant to the replacement tooth, and the dental restoration i.e. crown, denture, or a bridgework. It is a gold standard solution for one or more missing teeth that requires a minor surgery for its placement.  

Teeth implants offer a wide range of benefits that far outweighs their drawbacks. This blog highlights some significant pros of getting tooth implants as a replacement for one or more missing teeth. Read on, to know about multiple advantages of same day dental implants.

Unique Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

  1. Dental implants are versatile.

There are many dental restoration options like dental bridges and partial or full dentures that have limitations regarding how many teeth can be replaced. However, dental implants can replace a single tooth, a few teeth, one dental arch, and even full teeth set. They can be fitted with a dental crown for restoration of one missing tooth, a partial denture or bridgework for multiple lost teeth, or a complete denture in the case of edentulous patients. 

  1. Dental implants are incredibly durable.

With proper dental hygiene, dental implants can last for a lifetime. But, the replacement tooth like a dental crown at the top may be replaced after 15 years or so due to its usual wear and tear. In contrast, dental bridges may require replacement after every 5-15 years depending upon how well they are cared for or maintained while dentures can last for 5-8 years. Dentures would usually require frequent adjustments to avoid their ill-fitting inside the mouth because of loss of jawbone. The durability of dental implants provides the added benefit of saving money over the years as they would not require adjustments and quick replacements. Once the dental implants are installed, they get stabilized and are hassle-free. They are composed of titanium metal which is a biocompatible material.   

  1. Dental implants can help prevent jawbone deterioration.

The best benefits of getting dental implants is that it helps prevent jawbone deterioration. When there is tooth loss, the jawbone present in the empty tooth socket undergoes resorption over time due to lack of stimulation. Dentures can even accelerate jawbone loss but the dental implants replace the entire tooth which restores the normal biting and chewing functions of the tooth. Dental implants provide the required stimulation for natural jawbone growth. Furthermore, the retention of the jawbone after placing of dental implants avoids the likelihood of collapse of facial structure. Thus the patient would not have to experience undesirable effects of jawbone loss such as facial sagging or premature aging of the face. 

  1. Dental implants require low care and maintenance.

Dental implants that are capped with crowns need very low maintenance. A good oral hygiene routine including daily twice brushing, one-time flossing, using mouthwash at least once a day, and regular dental checkups or professional teeth cleaning after every 6 months can be practiced for dental implants to ensure that they last for the long term. Additional steps may be required in the case of implant-supported bridges i.e. cleaning under the artificial tooth to keep the gums healthy. For implants capped with dentures, the care is the same as traditional dentures. 

  1. Dental implants closely resemble natural teeth in appearance, feel, and function. 

A dental implant looks and feels very realistic as the prosthetic tooth is made to perfectly blend in with the natural teeth. No one would be able to tell which are fake teeth and which aren’t! This further boosts the self-confidence of the patient. 

  1. Dental implants are more comfortable.

Dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone to simulate the roots of the teeth and allow jawbone growth. Once the implants fuse with the jawbone, they provide strength, support, and added stability to the replacement teeth. As they are secure in their place, they provide more comfort. Many people are convinced to choose implants over dentures as the latter is placed with messy dental adhesives and can become loose or fall out easily. 

  1. With dental implants, patients can start enjoying their favorite foods.

When there are a few or several teeth missing, biting and chewing certain foods becomes difficult. As implants are rooted firmly in the empty tooth sockets, there are no food restrictions. The patient can enjoy even hard and crunchy foods without any worries. 

  1. Dental implants allow the patient to speak more clearly.

Unlike dentures, dental implants can replace a few missing front teeth and provide a surprising difference in one’s speech. They can provide a surface for the tongue to press against when forming words, promptly making speech much easier. Additionally, they are held firmly in their place so there are no chances of their slipping or sliding around the mouth. Thus, people with dental implants can speak easily and confidently.    

  1. Dental implants improve oral health and general well-being.

Dental implants do not harm the remaining teeth as they are anchored directly in the jaw. On the other hand, dental bridges require the adjacent teeth next to the gap in a smile for placement of the crowns. As healthy, natural teeth are left undisturbed by dental implants, oral health can be maintained for years to come which in turn keeps the patient’s overall health.s

Contact us now at First Point Dental to avail the multiple benefits of implant teeth and achieve an improved and a healthy smile. At the clinic the best dental implant specialists in Chicago perform this treatment and make sure the patients achieve the desired outcomes.

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