FPD Chicago Dentists Share the Dental Benefits of Pumpkins

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If pumpkins were movie stars, then October and November months would be their prime time! From jack-o-lanterns for Halloween to Pumpkin Spice Starbucks latte’s to pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is easy to factor in a little pumpkin goodness everyday. Guess what, it’s not just the holidays that bring so much fun to our lives – there are even better health benefits! Your First Point Dental Chicago dentist, Dr. Belke, wants to remind everyone about the several benefits of eating pumpkins for dental health.

Pumpkins: A Powerful Source of Zinc + Magnesium and Vitamins

  • Zinc your Teeth: Both pumpkins and their seeds are high in zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral known to heal and repair wounds or damaged tissues, hence your gums may greatly benefit from it. Zinc also offers stronger teeth. A lack of zinc in the diet can lead to a wide range of serious health issues, including poor oral and dental health. Zinc deficiency can also cause weakened bones, hair loss, and deficiency of blood (anemia). Consuming pumpkins and other sources of zinc help in providing strength to teeth for many years to come.
  • Magnesium Benefits: Magnesium works with calcium to promote strong enamel growth in teeth and help prevent cavities. It is one of the major elements in bone production, a healthy immune system, and keeping the heart cycle in rhythm. Only one ounce of pumpkin seeds offers 1/3rd of the daily recommendation of magnesium.
  • Benefits of Vitamins: Pumpkin contains Vitamin A to help in the flow of saliva and even Vitamin C keeps the immune system strong enough to ward off any infections.

Other Amazing Benefits of Eating Pumpkin:

Pumpkins provide several health benefits for overall body health, even beyond the teeth and gums. Pumpkins are high in fiber, which helps promote weight loss, contribute to saliva production, and help scrub the teeth to keep them clean. They are a rich source of beta carotene, which is an important part of the fighting of several types of cancers. Individuals suffering from arthritis and hypertension can also avail several health benefits by including pumpkins in their diet. As they are loaded with potassium, this helps in lowering blood pressure and offers anti-inflammatory that helps relieve the pain associated with arthritis. In addition, the pumpkin seeds can be a great nutritious snack that can help in maintaining oral health and preventing anemia. Hence, it is extraordinary that this one super-fruit can provide so many different health benefits to so many different parts of the body any different parts of the body.

Fighting Tooth Decay has Rarely Been so Delicious!

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