How Long Does it Take for a Root Canal Procedure – Know in Detail

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How long does it take for a root canal treatment is a question every dentist near you would have heard in their lifetime. Before any dental or medical procedure, everyone has questions, and rightly so. Every dentist would always try to answer queries like how long does it take for a root canal procedure and what is its cost. Every patient must know what is the procedure, its benefits, post-operative care, and possible side effects. From the first consultation at our clinics, we make our duty to keep our patients duly informed about the root canal. In today’s article, we will answer how much time it takes for a root canal process along with other details.

How Long Does Root Canal Process Last?

Now, that you have decided to go for the root canal procedure at a dental clinic, let’s get down to details. Usually, how much time it takes for a root canal process answer is 1-2 visits to the First Point Dental clinics in Hoffman Estates and Westmont

The first appointment is focused on cleaning and shaping the tooth’s inside tissue if the procedure is conducted over 2 dental visits. Here, the dentist will employ procedures like drilling, filing, and rinsing in the first dental visit. Finally, the dentist uses the second visit to complete the procedure. In this step, the dentist will do the following steps:

  • Pulp removal
  • Replacing the pulp tissue with a rubber compound substance named gutta-percha
  • Crown placement

In between the two visits, a certain medication will be prescribed to stop the bacterial infection to emerge again. Depending upon the patient’s oral health, expect a gap of 1-3 weeks between the 2 appointments. 

If the procedure will be undertaken over 1 visit, your dentist will complete the process mentioned above in a single sitting. Usually, any root canal appointment lasts between 30- 60 minutes. In some cases, it might stretch to 90 minutes.

How Long for Root Canal Procedure for Each Tooth?

Canines and Incisors: Average time is the least in the region of 45-60 minutes as they have one root only.

  • Molars: Average time would be above 90 minutes as they have 4 roots.
  • Premolars: Expect your answer to How long does it take for a root canal method in the vicinity of 1 hour as they are found to have either 1 or 2 roots. 

Note: this is an average time as it would vary from patient to patient. You can consult your dentist about your query for how long for root canal procedure anytime you wish. 

How Long Does it Take for a Root Canal Procedure? Are Two Shorter Visits or One Longer Visit Better?

Your root canal process plan would be developed after a discussion with your dentist. Currently, we are offering free dental Exams & dental X-rays for new patients. After the consultation, you can find whether you would have the root canal method in either one long visit versus or double shorter visits. For us, how much time it takes for a root canal process doesn’t matter. For us, it’s important to give you a healthier mouth. We will be diagnosing the infection and performing the dental procedure to eliminate the same. Post-procedure, your pain would decrease considerably before going away. We will chart out a good post-operative plan alongside a good dental hygiene routine to follow.