How Long it Takes to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

If anyone has opted for wisdom tooth removal, then enough time for recovery must be set aside to ensure complete healing of the tooth extraction site. Some activities must be restricted post-operation; hence the patient cannot expect to return to work immediately. How long does it take to recover from removal of wisdom teeth? How long should I take off work for wisdom teeth removal? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by many patients visiting First Point Dental Clinic. Fortunately, the recovery after a wisdom tooth extraction procedure is not too long. The patient must follow the guidelines (i.e. aftercare instructions) provided by the oral surgeon for quick healing. Read on the following blog to know more about how long does it take to recover from the extraction of wisdom teeth?

What to Expect During the Recovery of Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Soon after the wisdom teeth extraction, the patient experiences:

  • Pain- If the extraction is complicated, the pain may be severe.
  • A sore, stiff jaw- This usually resolves within 7 to 10 days.
  • A mouth inflammation and swollen cheeks- For the first few days post-surgery, this is worse but it gradually becomes better. Swelling can be reduced by using cold compresses like ice packs.
  • An unpleasant taste
  • Mild, noticeable bruising of the cheek- This may stay up to 2weeks.  
  • Numbness or tingling sensation of the lips, tongue, or face- This rarely occurs.

If the patient experiences any unusual symptoms like excessive bleeding, pus discharge, fever, or unbearable pain inside the mouth, then the oral surgeon or dentist must be reported immediately.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from the Removal of Wisdom Teeth?

Recovery time-frame after removal of wisdom teeth:

As every patient is unique, the length of recovery varies. It mainly depends upon how the wisdom teeth have erupted and the degree of their impaction. Generally, up to 2 weeks is required to recover from the surgery. A few months may be required to completely heal the wounds left behind after the wisdom teeth extraction. After the wisdom tooth or teeth extraction, generally, the patient is advised to take 2-3 days off from work. The nature of work they are involved in makes a difference. If the job requires strenuous activities, then the oral surgeon recommends taking more time away from work, otherwise early resuming of work can lead to painful complications.

For patients having complex extractions for severely impacted (stuck in gums) wisdom teeth, the healing of the extraction site takes much longer than simple wisdom teeth removals. This is because modifications are to be done in the surrounding bones and tissues. Moreover, if the patient is suffering from infection after the extraction, there is a need for additional time off from work until the problem subsides, and the site is fully healed.

Recovery Tips for Quick Healing

  • Any activities like forceful spitting, drinking from a straw, and smoking that can dislodge the blood clot formed over the wound or stitches inside the mouth must be avoided.
  • In the first few days, avoid the consumption of hot beverages like coffee and tea, alcohol, or soda instead for cool liquids that do not wreck the teeth. Stock up soft foods such as yogurt, apple sauce, and cottage cheese.
  • Do not brush or floss the teeth on the very next day post-surgery. After that gentle brushing is allowed and the mouth can also be rinsed with salt water to ensure that teeth are kept clean and to prevent infection.
  • Complete the course of prescribed antibiotics and also painkillers (if needed).
  • Take proper rest with an elevated head during the days after the wisdom teeth extraction procedure. 

Want to know more about -How long does it take to recover from the extraction of wisdom teeth and steps that can ensure a speedy recovery. Consult the best dental experts at First Point Dental Clinic.

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