How Much is the Cost for Teeth Whitening? [2024 Updated]

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost

A smile adds layers to your personality and makes you stand out in the crowd. For example, a smile can break the ice at an official meeting or interacting with strangers. But occasionally we are hesitant to smile because of teeth discoloration, stains, or yellowed teeth. Yet, there is nothing to worry for we have a teeth whitening procedure to correct the teeth discoloration.

A well-known cosmetic dentistry treatment is available at a dentist near you to whiten your teeth. The simple dental procedure will give you a good self-confidence boost. So, the real question is how much does teeth whitening cost? The answer is not much. The cost would actually differ from the dental clinic’s location, oral health plus teeth discoloration level. So, let’s find out the teeth bleaching price and what factors influence it.

Different Whitening Procedures in USA

There are several teeth whitening procedures in America. Let’s go into the details of each teeth bleaching process available at a dental clinic near you:

  • Laser Teeth Bleaching: The procedure also goes by the name of power whitening or laser bleaching. In this dental procedure, the dentist will employ teeth whitening lasers to speed up the concentrated gel’s bleaching effect on the applied teeth.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening (LED)?

Another teeth whitening service is Zoom whitening. This is quite similar to laser whitening but the dentist will employ LED lights to fasten the whitening agent’s effect. Usually, Zoom tooth whitening costs is affordable than laser whitening.

  • Zoom QuickPro: Zoom QuickPro is a procedure where you spend less amount in the dentist near you. In most cases, the procedure’s time duration is just 30 minutes. The procedure is good for increasing the teeth’ whiteness or accelerating the whitening process. 
  • Zoom WhiteSpeed: The procedure will take around 45-60 minutes. It will give 8 shades of whiteness to the teeth.

What happens in the Zoom White Speed Procedure?

  • Prepping of your mouth
  • The whitening gel is applied to the discolored teeth
  • The dentist will shine a blue LED light on the teeth to accelerate the whitening processes
  • The above process is repeated three times
  • The dentist will apply a protective gel on the teeth after treatment

What is the Price for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can be done on the entire teeth or can be specific to a single discolored tooth. On average, whitening dentists cost an average of $300 per row of teeth. Also, the cost will depend on how badly the teeth are stained and how much whiteness you desire.

How much should I pay for teeth whitening is a relevant question. The amount would differ from case to case but let’s find out the factors affecting it:

  • Solution’s concentration
  • Materials
  • Pre-assessment dental tests
  • Procedure’s time duration
  • Safety measures
  • Enamel microabrasion, fluoride application, and full dental procedure might add to the cost.

Does Insurance Cover the Teeth Bleaching Dental Procedure?

Basically, no would be answered in most cases as teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure and not a medical necessity. Mostly, the dental insurance will cover the dental exams but not the whitening procedure. There are other ways like dental discount plans to cut down the cost.

Final Thoughts

How much is the cost for teeth whitening is something we always search on the web. So, It’s better to consult as many dental clinics around you and find out the costs, procedures and oral hygiene tips to follow.