Where to Get New Teeth in Just One Day? [2023 Upadted]

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New teeth in just one day aren’t a myth but a reality now. One can get fixed teeth in just one single sitting at a dental clinic near you. Importantly, you will get a new set of fixed teeth in just a day which is a remarkable illustration of how advanced dental healthcare is. This is achieved through ‘All-on-4’ dental treatment where a whole arch of missing teeth gets replaced by dental implants. In the procedure, the dentist will place a minimum set of 4 dental implants in either the top or the lower jaw. After the placement of the implants, a full arch of new tooth will be attached to the implants. This all happens in a day or a single sitting at a dental clinic. So, keep on reading below to know more about new teeth in single day and how to get it. 

Why ‘All-on-4’ Dental Procedure?

The biggest benefit is the procedure i.e., new teeth in just one day and same day dental implants doesn’t involve multiple visits to the dentist. The dentist will place the new temporary artificial tooth which are similar to the natural ones in terms of appearance. These would remain in place while the implants will gradually fuse with the jawbone over the period of 4-6 months. Post the healing and recovery, a permanent set of teeth will be attached to the dental implants in the second visit. The ‘All-on-4’ dental procedure is a good alternative to the traditional dentures as it’s fixed and doesn’t need any adjustments. Plus, dental implants are made up of durable materials like Titanium and could last for a lifetime. 

Who Can Opt for the ‘All-on-4’ Dental Procedure?

The procedure is suited for individuals like-

  • Who are struggling with severe tooth decay but want a permanent solution unlike dentures
  • Those who have opted for removable dentures but wishes a more permanent and fixed set of teeth

Are All on Four Teeth Permanent?

Yes, you get new teeth in just one day but these are not permanent in reality. The new artificial tooth are placed on the surgery day to lend an aesthetic appeal while you wait for the gums to heal. Post the healing, the dentist will use a connector to place the new set of teeth on the implants. Another option would be placing a natural-colored set of zirconium teeth on the implants.

How Do You Take Care of Your New Teeth?

We recommend patients undertake visits to the dental clinic near you at least once a year. In this way, regular dental cleaning would help in extending the longevity of your dental implants. Apart from that, follow the oral hygiene routine as prescribed by your dentist. Practise brushing and flossing twice a day to remove food debris and stop bacterial growth. 

Benefits of the ‘All-on-4’ Dental Procedure

  • Apart from being affordable and convenient, there are a host of other benefits-
  • The new tooth will be similar to the natural ones in terms of functionality, appearance and strength
  • Prevents future loss of jawbone 
  • Last lifetime if one follows the oral hygiene prescribed by your dentist
  • Get new teeth in just 1 day.
  • Your smile is restored in just a single sitting
  • The new set of teeth is fixed unlike the dentures for example

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