What Are the Most Common Dental Procedures in Illinois?

what are the most common dental procedures in illinois

When it comes to oral healthcare, First Point Dental, the best dental clinic in Chicago, Illinois strives to deliver the highest standard of care by incorporating personalized treatments and state-of-the-art technology. Healthy teeth and gums help keep your entire body healthy. Negligence towards dental health or trauma can affect your facial aesthetics, oral and overall body health. The dental specialists at First Point Dental Clinic perform a number of dental treatments in Illinois and help their patients achieve healthy and transformative dental health.

What are the most common dental procedures performed at the dental clinic? Dental treatments usually fall under three categories: preventive, basic, and major. The most advanced dental procedures are covered under the major dental care that enhances patients’ comfort and serves restorative and aesthetic purposes. However, patient plans may vary based on what dental procedures they consider as major. Most often included major dental procedures are root canal treatment, dental implants, impacted wisdom tooth removal, dental bridgework, and more.

Unhappy with your smile and want to improve your dental health? Dentists at First Point Dental have an array of tools and techniques for improving the appearance of your smile. Here are the most common dental procedures that you should know about.

Root Canal Procedure

A natural tooth that has a severely infected or inflamed tooth pulp or a diseased nerve can only be saved by an endodontic root canal treatment. A root canal refers to the removal of the root when traumatized by infection or swelling inside or under the tissues of the tooth. This can cause pretty awful toothache. General dentists or endodontists carry out root canal treatment for a cracked tooth or a deep cavity under anesthesia, taking a few hours to clean out the infection and get pain-free.

Typically, root canal treatment may require one to three dental visits to complete the procedure. The procedure involves the removal of the entire infected tooth pulp, disinfection of root canal, sealing of treated tooth, and finally, its filling with a dental composite. In case of extensive decay, the tooth is crowned for strengthening and protecting it from any breakage.

Regular Dental Exams And Cleaning

Dentists usually recommend their patients visit them for a check-up on teeth and gums and go for professional teeth / dental cleaning twice a year. This is important as it helps the dentists spot any dental concerns that cannot be seen or felt in their early stages and treat them. A professional tooth cleaning involves the removal of dental plaque or tartar and subsequent polishing of teeth to keep the teeth healthy, strong, and shiny.

Professional Teeth Whitening

An in-chair tooth bleaching is a comfortable, quick, and safe dental procedure performed by dental hygienists and general dentists. It involves applying strong bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide over the enamel to whiten it by a few shades. A special light source may be used over the dental bleach to speed up and enhance the whitening process.

Traditional methods of teeth whitening involve a lot of extra time and effort. You need to buy kits and remain diligent with them. Professional teeth whitening is quicker and safer because it is performed by professionals. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Any diseased/injured tooth that cannot be saved is pulled out from its socket by general dentists. A lot of times, wisdom teeth (or molars) in the back of the mouth get impacted and become troublesome or painful. They can also disrupt the other teeth in your mouth. The only way out to prevent any nearby damage and get rid of pain is to get wisdom teeth removed by your dentist.

For wisdom tooth removal, the dentist first numbs the area with a local anesthetic. The gums or bones covering the impacted tooth are removed, the tooth is loosened from its socket, and finally, it is pulled out.

Dental Braces

Many people may need teeth straightened in order to maintain oral health and a confident smile. Dental braces are orthodontic devices that can gradually reposition or realign the teeth by exerting little amounts of pressure over time. Traditionally, dental braces were made of metal wires and brackets but now Invisalign or clear aligners are preferred as they go unnoticed and are more effective.

Dental Implants

Among all of the dental restoration options, the gold standard approach to replacing missing teeth is dental implants. Minor oral surgery is required by a certified oral surgeon to place dental implants (artificial tooth and roots made of titanium) into the patient’s jawbone. If properly maintained, they can last for the rest of the patient’s life. With tooth-colored replacements over the implants, patients can feel confident with their complete natural smile.

The procedures explained in this piece are performed at First Point Dental. It is important to visit a dental specialist for a professional opinion before opting for treatment.

There is an endless list of major dental procedures performed at First Point Dental. The skilled team of dental experts and professionals at First Point Dental considers your personal history, expectations, present conditions, and future needs to help deliver the best service possible. Our goal is to provide you with best oral health and overall well-being, by integrating preventive care and advanced treatments.

Your smile is part of you, your health, and your personality. It helps define your overall health. Don’t wait! Schedule an appointment with First Point Dental to know more about the most common dental procedures in Illinois that can help you achieve a beautiful smile and the oral health you desire.

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