Complete Dental Solution & Care Under One Roof

Retaining a bright smile or restoring it back to its original luster is First Point Dental specialty! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are having any difficulty with your oral health. With state-of-the-art equipment and an array of dental specialists, you will get access to advanced and complete dental solution / care that is surprisingly affordable. It’s difficult to find a dental clinic offering extensive dental services all under one roof. You name it, we offer everything you need to restore your smile and improve your oral healthcare. From the first appointment, we brief you about the procedure and the costs involved. Every aspect of dental treatment is done in-house at all of our locations.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry at our clinics will provide you with the confidence you deserve. Also known as esthetic dentistry, this dental field is dedicated to improving a patient’s smile and appearance. At our clinics, dentists will perform procedures like dental crowns, veneers, and teeth whitening to provide an attractive smile while improving oral healthcare at the same time. Cosmetic dentistry procedure will rectify dental concerns like chipped, misaligned, misshapen, discolored, or missing teeth.

General Dentistry

General dentists at our clinics provide comprehensive dental care to individuals of all ages. It is advisable to schedule visits to the dental clinic at least twice a year. Our general dentists will conduct a detailed oral examination of the mouth including your gums, jawbone, and teeth. We will also provide a professional cleaning along with any diagnosis determined through a complete exam. If there are any findings such as tooth decay or gum disease, we will recommend and provide immediate treatment. With quick medical action, your oral health will improve just as quickly and prevent any severe dental problems in the near future.

  • Fillings
  • Exams
  • Extractions
  • Oral Surgery
  • Cleanings
  • Night Guards

Specialty Services

Patients at our dental offices in Hoffman Estates and Westmont have access to an advanced and broad range of specialty dental services. Based on the bedrock of the latest dental technology and specialized dental experts, we leave nothing to chance. We are committed to providing specialized care at an affordable rate. Our dental experts are well-trained and experienced to deliver the best care possible. We are dedicated to excellent dental care for young or seasoned patients to improve their oral health. Whether it is specialty dental services or general dentistry, First Point Dental’s goal is comfort enhanced dental care under one roof. To learn more about our wide range of services, please contact our team today at 888-736-6430

Complete Dental Solutions – Implants

3D Scans

3D Scan uses an X-ray arm that will be rotated around the patient’s head. As the arm rotates, it captures multiple images of the mouth and transmits them to a computer. Here, the computer compiles the collected images in a 3D format. With the help of the advanced 3D scan, Dentists get an in-depth and 3D understanding of the patient’s anatomy. The technology works in tandem with our dentists’ head and neck anatomical knowledge thus making it possible to accurately diagnose any potential disease. This technology is a great asset in providing our team with the tools they need to provide the best care for you!

Intraoral Photos / Scans

The intraoral scanner captures a direct optical impression. The procedure involves the scanner projecting a beam of light into the area designated for scanning. Now, the imaging sensors will capture the images which will be processed by scanning software. This in turn would produce a 3D surface model. It will take just 90 seconds to capture the impression of the teeth while the impression of the teeth in the opposite arch is under a minute.

Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays are more accurate and produce sharper, clearer images compared to old x-ray technology. It should be noted that while conventional X-rays emit negligible amounts of radiation, it’s still comforting for patients to know that digital x-rays produce 1/10th of the radiation compared to this older technology. In essence, with digital x-rays, there is very little radiation emitted. We strive to provide the best care possible for our patients and realize that newer, safer technology does that very thing!

Removable Prosthetics

Orthodontic treatment is a popular dental procedure for straightening or moving teeth. This treatment can significantly improve a patient’s oral health by aligning the teeth in a better, and more hygienic position. In addition to better esthetics, a patient’s chewing function can be greatly improved as well. With a thorough and detailed exam, our team will let you know if you’re a candidate for clear aligner therapy to address your wants and needs.

Emergency Services

First Point Dental specializes in same-day emergency dental care. We treat emergency dental care services such as acute tooth pain, gum pain, dental infections, broken teeth, dental trauma, and trauma to the mouth among others. If you are experiencing pain, do not hesitate to give us a call or walk directly into our clinics for help!