How To Get Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

Dental Implant Insurance

The quality of one’s life can be significantly impacted by the loss of one or more teeth, whether due to an injury, aging, or severe decay. The ability to eat and speak, smile, and overall oral and general health can be affected. Fortunately, a dental implant has emerged as the most reliable solution for missing teeth.

However, dental implants may not be affordable for everyone when compared to other alternative tooth restoration options. In Chicago, many people are unaware of the options available to them for reducing the cost of teeth implants. This post explores various ways to lower the cost of dental implants, both with and without dental implant insurance. But, before delving into these options, it is important to understand whether dental implant costs are covered by insurance and, if so, to what extent.

Will Health or Dental Insurance Claim the Expenses of Getting Dental Implants?

Typically, a standard health insurance plan excludes coverage for any dental service. Health insurance only claims the cost of medically necessary dental procedures recommended by a licensed medical practitioner. If the dental condition is life-threatening to be left untreated, then health insurance will provide the necessary coverage for dental treatment.

Many insurance companies also provide dental insurance that covers implants as an add-on. Dental insurance typically covers the cost of dental services that offer oral health protection. This includes procedures like oral check-ups, tooth extractions, root canal procedures, dental fillings, and preventive dental treatments. Dental insurance excludes the cost of cosmetic dental services such as orthodontics, prostheses, and dentures.

As per most insurance companies, dental implant treatment purely falls under the category of cosmetic dental treatments. Health insurance plans won’t claim for its cost until and unless it’s medically necessary. Dental insurance may claim for some part of the total cost of getting same day dental implants.

When are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

The coverage for dental implant procedures for dental implant insurance may require both medical and dental insurance claims, depending upon the reason for one seeking a dental implant.

The factors on which Dental Implants cost is covered by insurance include:

  • Accidental Injury- If an individual loses a tooth or teeth due to an accidental injury, a complete smile can be restored using dental implants. In such a case, the overall cost of the dental implant process may be covered by health insurance.
  • Need for Tooth Extraction- An individual would require a tooth extraction only when the tooth is severely damaged or decayed and must be replaced with an implant. Tooth extraction is performed before placing a dental implant. If a damaged/decayed tooth is still present, its removal becomes a part of dental implant treatment. Therefore, most insurance companies will cover the cost of tooth extraction wholly or at least partially.
  • Requirement of Bone Grafting- Bone grafting is a surgery performed to restore a severely deteriorated jawbone and prepare it for receiving a dental implant. A sufficient healthy jawbone is usually needed to ensure a stable, secure placement of the dental implant. This is a crucial step in the dental implant process and its cost may or may not be claimed by insurance.
  • Placement of Dental Implant and Prosthetic Tooth/Teeth- A dental implant surgery is deemed a major dental procedure. Some dental insurance plans cover up to half of the overall cost of major procedures. The placement of a prosthetic tooth (a dental crown) to restore the functionality of natural teeth is also considered a major procedure. Some dental insurance considers crowning or capping of a tooth for stopping tooth decay and protecting the tooth and so may cover its cost.

How to Save Money on Dental Implant Treatment at First Point Dental Clinics?

There is a growing demand for dental implants in today’s time. Many people with tooth loss visit our dental practice to inquire about dental implants as their tooth replacement option. Certainly, the financial aspect can be a deciding factor for how to proceed.

If the patient has purchased a dental insurance plan, we try to maximize the insurance benefits of the patient to help cover part of the costs. As a patient, it is recommended to take some time to review your insurance policy and check if a dental implant is listed in it. Before starting with dental implant treatment, you must ask the insurance provider some questions to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • Does your insurance plan cover implant costs?
  • What portion/percentage of the cost of the dental implant process does my insurance policy cover?
  • What is my annual maximum cost covered by insurance?
  • Will I need a referral for dental insurance that covers implants?

The billing representatives at First Point Dental Clinic will work directly with your insurance company to determine your coverage based on your dental implant insurance treatment plan with dental implants. Furthermore, the staff of First Point Dental Clinic offers dental saving plans and flexible payment plans to pay for the expenses of receiving dental implants in case you cannot afford to pay high upfront. We work our level best to provide you with dental implants at a discounted price.

Dental Implants in Chicago

Working with insurance and getting dental implant treatment within budget can be challenging. First Point Dental Clinics in Chicago has the best staff who will work with you, your dentist, and your insurance company to offer you quality dental implants at a pocket-friendly price. To learn more on dental insurance that covers implants, schedule a dental appointment with a top-notch restorative dentist online or through a call today.